‘NCIS’: Will Gibbs Ever Make Another Appearance on the Show?

by Taylor Cunningham

With Mark Harmon still working on NCIS behind the scenes, will Gibbs make a few cameos in the future? We can only hope.

Earlier this season, Agent Leroy Gibbs retired in snowy Alaska leaving his NCIS team to fend for themselves. But if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that Gibb’s actor Mark Harmon is still showcased on the NCIS’s opening credits. Of course, that leads us to wonder—is Agent Gibbs coming back to the series?

A fan asked that very question during TV Line’s Q&A with TV critic series. And Matt Roush answered with a resounding maybe.

Roush isn’t sure how long NCIS will continue to lead its opening credits with a picture of Mark Harmon, but he understands why the actor is still featured, even though it is a bit “misleading.”

“In the short term, I get it, even if it is misleading or possibly giving viewers false hope that Gibbs will return on either a part-time or (less likely) full-time basis. (I still get “Say it ain’t so” missives on a regular basis since Harmon’s departure.),” he wrote.

Roush thinks that “Gibbs’ metaphorical ghost still looms large over the show and his team,” and that won’t change in the near future because Harmon is still an acting series producer. But that’s a good thing for NCIS fans because it leaves the door open for a Gibbs return.

“Because the character is still out there, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise for Gibbs to show up for a ‘very special’ episode from time to time,” he continued. “But depending on how this and next season (should there be one) play out, at some point they’ll need to stop pretending he’s still the star of the show.”

‘NCIS’: Why Mark Harmon Almost Quit Very Early on in Show’s Run

When NCIS lost its top-billed star Mark Harmon after 18 seasons, fans went into a state of mourning. And over a month later, the wounds are still fresh.

It’s odd watching NCIS without Gibbs. But can you imagine how horrible it would have been if Harmon had left the cast sooner? He almost did.

Recently, we learned that Gibbs’s departure almost happened fourteen seasons ago. According to an article in Screen RantDonald Bellisario, the original showrunner, was not a fan of Mark Harmon. And the two constantly argued over deadlines, set hours, and scripts.

After four years of tensions, the situation finally came to a boil. And Mark Harmon told CBS that either he or Bellisario had to go. The network obviously chose to keep Harmon, which proved to be the right choice. Because as most fans would agree, NCIS was built by Agent Leroy Gibbs.