‘NCIS’: Will the Show Continue Referencing Gibbs?

by Joe Rutland

Now that “NCIS” star Mark Harmon is off the show, will it continue to mention Leroy Jethro Gibbs in its storylines and episodes?

That’s what we’re going to look for answers, Outsiders. We’ll start with this article from Matt & Jess. It’s hard to imagine that they do not do so.

After watching “NCIS” for a long time, fans know that Gibbs is simply a part of the show’s characters’ lives.

He always was pretty quiet and not-too-talkative at all. Could he get a call from his old buddy Timothy McGee, played by Sean Murray?

‘NCIS’ Putting Focus On Current Storylines While Gauging Interest In Gibbs

It is possible since McGee might get along too well with Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole. We could see something happen where he gets upset about something Parker asks him to do.

All Tim has to do is pick up his cell phone on “NCIS” and give Gibbs a call.

Now a problem in bringing up his name all the time is viewers will keep missing him. In fact, Outsiders, you might be spending more time thinking about Gibbs than the current storyline.

Could he return? Sure. After all, Harmon is still involved with the show as an executive producer.

Parker Actor Gary Cole Talks About Stressors Between Himself, Team Members

Fans of this show are keeping their eyes on how Parker deals with the other “NCIS” team members.

As we mentioned, Gary Cole plays Parker and he’s a little different from Gibbs.

Cole said in a TV Insider interview that Parker is not talkative but is more verbal than Gibbs.

“He’s not as old school; he tries to get his hands on new tech gadgets and impress everybody,” the actor said. “He’s trying to fit in with the rest of the team.”

Cole admits that Parker has a bit of admiration for Gibbs as he’d break rules here and there.

For Parker, he’s more about bending those rules. Could he reach that breaking rules point? It’s always possible.

There’s a lot of respect, though, from him to Gibbs.

Team members, though, aren’t getting all buddy-buddy with Alden Parker right away.

Cole said, at first, Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama, totally resists Parker. He does not know why, either.

“McGee (played by Sean Murray), whose nature is intelligent and open, is reluctant at first but rolls with it,” the “NCIS” actor said. “Jimmy (played by Brian Dietzen) and Kasie (played by Diona Reasonover) — they’re in a different world because they’re scientific.”

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