‘NCIS’: Will Torres’ Latest Outburst Have Negative Consequences in the Future?

by Lauren Boisvert

Last night’s “NCIS” episode was a rough one for Torres. He took out all his frustrations with a self-destructive undercover mission, where he was almost beat to a pulp in a cage fight. McGee was there, luckily. He asked Torres if he was looking to get himself killed, and, in a heart-wrenching moment, Torres answered, “Who’s left to care?”

McGee immediately replied that he cares and that he needs Torres, but Torres is convinced he doesn’t because he has his own family. But, what are friends for it not to tell you when you’re being an idiot? McGee doesn’t say that, granted, because Torres is obviously in a vulnerable place. But, nearly everyone on the team has a hand in trying to make Torres feel loved again. Palmer finally gets through to him in the end, reminding him that they do care about him and that he’s appreciated.

He’s really struggling with feeling abandoned; Bishop left him, Gibbs left, and, possibly, his own father left him as a child. So, years of abandonment issues exacerbated by his romantic interest and then his father figure leaving NCIS.

But, there’s a chance that Parker or Vance will bench Torres in an upcoming episode. If Parker heard what Torres said to McGee, that’s definitely cause for concern. He could tell the director, and Vance could order Torres to sit out for a few cases.

If that happens, the episode would definitely focus on Torres. The show wouldn’t just kick him out for a while. It would be an exploration of his psyche, his mental state, and his abandonment issues. That episode, if it ever happens, would be a look into Torres’ character on a deeper level than we’ve seen in a while.

‘NCIS’: Fans React to Mention of Gibbs on ‘Hawai’i’

On the recent episode of “NCIS: Hawai’i,” there was a moment that brought Gibbs into the world of the new spin-off. “NCIS” connected the long-time team leader of the flagship to the new agent in charge in Hawai’i.

In a flashback to 11 years ago, Jane Tennant’s old mentor Maggie Shaw gave her Gibbs’ business card. The card had “Rule 72: Always be open to new ideas” written on the back. Obviously a message from Gibbs; we’re all familiar with his rules.

The mention was interesting; “Hawai’i” didn’t have a backdoor pilot that connected it to “NCIS.” Fans reacted with glee and questions at the reference. One even speculated that Gibbs tried to hire Jane with Ziva “dead” in Somalia.

With a crossover between “NCIS” and “Hawai’i” airing in the coming weeks, we should get some more background information on Jane’s link with Gibbs, if there is one.