‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Emotionally Addresses Fans After Being Cast as ‘Zorro’: VIDEO

by John Jamison
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama has spent the past week trying to come to grips with some monumental career news. The Nick Torres actor was recently cast as Zorro in the upcoming Disney series by the same name. Today (12/17), he took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the news with his fans.

In addition to playing Zorro, Valderrama is listed as an executive producer on the show. And it’s hard to understate how meaningful the opportunity is to him. The emotion comes through clear during the video address he shared on Instagram.

“I just wanted to say that it’s been taking me a few days to process this week. I am so overwhelmed by the amount of love that all of you have given me this week. And every single one of you from every single country around the world that share this excitement with me, this is for you,” Valderrama says in his video. “So thank you for the love this week, and I appreciate your passion.”

Valderrama then switches to Spanish, continuing to address the fans who are probably more excited than any. The fact that a Spanish-speaking character like Zorro is getting his own show, let alone being portrayed by such a prominent figure in the community, has to be exciting, to say the least.

A ‘Dream Come True’

For the NCIS star, it’s more than exciting. Valderrama’s relationship with Zorro goes back to his childhood, and he wants to do the character justice.

“Growing up, Zorro was the one character that made me, as a Latino, feel like I could be a hero. As an adult and a storyteller, I have a responsibility in the stories that I help bring to life,” Valderrama said in a statement. “To partner with [executive producer] Gary [Marsh] and Disney to bring Zorro back into the family after 60 years and be a part of the legacy for other children to know they too can be the heroes of their own stories is a dream come true.”

Could ‘Zorro’ Be Bad News for Big Nick Torres ‘NCIS’ Fans?

Not necessarily “bad” news, but fans of Nick Torres obviously don’t want to see Wilmer Valderrama leave NCIS. Unfortunately, that may well be the case.

Don’t get us wrong, there haven’t been any announcements from Valderrama or otherwise suggesting he’s going to leave. But we have to imagine the upcoming Disney series is going to eat up a lot of his time, especially considering he’s in the title role and producing at the same time.

He’s also writing and producing a new sitcom for CBS titled Mexican Beverly Hills. Between all of these obligations, will he still have time for Torres? Only time will tell.