‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Sends Emphatic Message to Fans

by Jonathan Howard

One of the best parts of NCIS is seeing all the great messages that Wilmer Valderrama shares on social media.

While some fans took a little to warm up to him, Nick Torres is a beloved character. With Valderrama being a beloved actor, it just makes everything work so well. Torres and Valderrama, for that matter, might be the funny guy most of the time. However, the agent can get serious, and so can the actor.

When it comes to ratings and things of that nature, Monday night is dominated by NCIS. NFL Monday Night Football is a hard beast to compete with. However, when it comes to TV drama and shows, Torres and the gang find themselves on top. The show is able to stay on top of the rating competition week in and week out.

Valderrama took some time to thank fans on Instagram. He shared the photo below with a sweet message to fans.

” We [are] cooking storms, and I’m in [awe]!” the caption says. “AGAIN… you made us #1 this and EVERY Monday!! We got some EPIC episodes coming to your homes!! I [cannot] WAIT to blow your minds!”

Now, that sounds very promising. We have seen a lot of teasers and promos from Valderrama. He was the one who showed us Meredith Eaton was making a comeback. He has taken videos on set throughout the season, covered in fake blood, breathing hard, and even sunburnt and exhausted. NCIS fans know that they can rely on the Torres actor to deliver the goods on social media.

However, he always makes sure to thank the fans. It isn’t always NCIS for Valderrama, though.

‘NCIS’ Star Valderrama Joins Jay Leno in Some Classic Cars

Jay Leno does things like break speed records and interview celebrities about high-end and rare cars. He isn’t a talk show host, but he still finds a way to do some talking. Recently Wilmer Valderrama joined up with the late-night legend, and they got to go over some engines together.

If you didn’t know, Valderrama owns the station wagon from That 70’s Show. The NCIS actor also has quite a collection outside of that vehicle. His ’67 Ford Mustang, for instance. The blacked-out muscle car is low to the ground and looks just like Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra car. It seems that the actor has some good taste in automobiles.

Valderrama is a great example of what hard work and determination can get someone. He has gone from Eric Foreman’s basement to being a Special Agent on NCIS. Fans love him and look forward to his posts. Whether he is showing off a car or giving a sneak preview of an upcoming episode, you know he is going to deliver.