‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Shares Preview of New Episode Where ‘Something Is Off’ With Torres

by Lauren Boisvert

There’s a new “NCIS” tonight, and there’s something going on with Torres. Star Wilmer Valderrama recently shared a clip from the new episode, showing Torres slinking into the office wearing sunglasses and looking exceptionally tired.

As he enters the bullpen, McGee and Knight greet him cheerfully, if cautiously. But, he doesn’t respond. McGee takes the initiative to ask if he’s okay. Torres replies with a lackluster, “Yeah, I’m fine, why?”

“Looks like you had a late night,” says McGee. “Either that, or you just got your pupils dilated.”

“My pupils are fine thank you,” Torres replies, looking like he’s about to fall over at his desk. He comes up with an obvious lie next, telling his co-workers, “I went out with some friends, had a late night, and I just need to get some sleep.”

Knight sees right through the lie. “You were supposed to meet up with me and Kasie,” she accuses, “but you texted me and said you were tired and you wanted to stay in.”

“Yeah, I got a second wind,” says Torres, but it’s not convincing. Something is definitely off with him.

“AKA blew us off,” says Knight, and McGee agrees. Apparently, Torres has been rescheduling a lot of hangouts with his team lately. From what we know of the episode, it’s probably because he’s involved in cage fighting late at night.

“We spend all day together at work,” Torres complains, “do we have to spend every second of our lives together too?” Knight replies with a simple, “Yes.” Come on, Torres, that’s what friends do. And the NCIS team is more than friends; they’re like family, so of course, you have to spend all your time with them.

‘NCIS’: Torres Is Out of Whack in New Promo Clip

Now, we know a little bit about the upcoming “NCIS” episode, in that Torres has gotten into cage fighting and is seriously endangering himself. He’s going out and getting his ass handed to him in the ring, not to mention it looks like bare-knuckle fighting, so it could be illegal.

And also potentially tied to a murder. The team is going to find a body missing an eye, and I think it’s related to the fighting. I don’t know how yet, but we don’t have long to wait to find out.

Additionally, this episode, while definitely Torres-centered, might touch on Director Vance’s life as well. Particularly when it’s revealed what Torres is doing with his nights. If we think back through the annals of “NCIS,” we’ll remember the episode “Knockout,” where we explored Vance’s background and his history as a boxer.

Does Vance still box? Possibly. Is he going to show Torres the ropes and teach him how not to get beat so much? Hopefully. Fingers crossed Vance can teach Torres a healthier and physically safer outlet for his emotions.