‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Shows Off ‘New Whip’ Black Hawk in Epic Behind-the-Scenes Photo

by Kati Michelle

If “NCIS” fans know one thing to expect from the CBS crime series, it’s drama. I guess that’s followed the series off-camera, too, as of late, but we don’t have to talk about that. Let’s focus on the production instead. Going into the 19th season, the show has really ramped up its focus on the action of the series. I mean, that Gibbs explosion and the little floating deadman act? He really had me there for a minute.

So, his character didn’t actually die and made his transition out over the span of a few episodes. But, what’s to come now as the team tries to find a new flow? Could Arnold Schwarzenegger be making an appearance? I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. That being said, if he did find his way to set, he might be yelling the infamous “Get to the chopper!” judging by Wilmer Valderrama’s epic behind-the-scenes photos of his new Black Hawk whip.

Wilmer Valderrama Shares a ‘Humble Flex’ From the Set of ‘NCIS’

I don’t know anything about helicopters or cars and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. The thing is, I can spot a cool one when I see one, and this week’s winner is Wilmer Valderrama. He channels some serious “Top Gun” vibes in his latest photo series posted to Instagram.

Check it out:

In the caption, Valderrama jokingly gives a shoutout to Carmax along with a slew of hashtags. Fans see the “NCIS” series regular in his full Special Agent Nicholas Torres get-up as he enters the beast.

And if you’re wondering about the machine’s price tag, you’re not alone. A quick search reveals that the latest UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter price tag sits at around $25 million. The shocking part is that it’s actually well within Valderrama’s reach if he stays on his current trajectory with his estimated net worth.

Of course, that’s assuming the “NCIS” writers actually keep Wilmer Valderrama’s Torres in one piece. The star recently forecasted “dark times ahead” for his character with some bruised and bloodied snaps from the set. So, in other words, let’s hope this isn’t an “up, up, and away” preview of his doom.

Another Badass Whip

This isn’t the only time Wilmer Valderrama’s character on “NCIS” got to drive around an expensive (and badass) whip. The official Instagram account for the series shared a snap of Torres and Sloane in this toy almost a year ago.

Check it out:

The scene comes from Afghanistan, where Torres and Sloane were protecting a Senator overseas.