‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Says Torres Has ‘Dark Times Ahead’ With Clip of Bloody Face

by Jonathan Howard

It looks like the stars on NCIS are going to be faced with a tough road ahead. Wilmer Valderrama shared a bloody image from the set. His face looks cut and it appears Torres has gotten himself into some trouble.

The video that Valderrama posted on Instagram was very cryptic. While his hair looks about as good as it always does, the bloody makeup and cut on his nose told a different story. During the short video clip, Dark Times by The Weeknd featuring Ed Sheeran plays in the background. The Torres actor slowly puts his finger to his mouth and says, “shhh…”

Check it out for yourself!

“Dark times ahead for Special Agent Torres #NCIS,” the caption read. He finished it off with a zipped mouth emoji. He isn’t telling anyone anything. There were many reactions to the post as well.

Comedian Joel McHale said, “Your finger looks fine,” while others posted worried messages. It seems that fans are not ready to see Torres get hurt. He is going to be put into a hard position it seems. Perhaps he will need to be saved by the rest of the team, or he has gone to save others. There is no telling, but the Special Agent is in for a “dark” time.

While fans will have to wait until Monday to know the deal, they can speculate. This is a great teaser from Valderrama. So, fans will have to be patient and make it another four days. Yes, Torres looks rough, however, seeing him overcome these dark times is going to be so much fun.

Seriously, NCIS fans are going to be so excited for the next episode.

‘NCIS’ Fans Not Impressed With Torres

While Wilmer Valderrama is a beloved actor, his NCIS character is annoying a few fans. That is if you believe Reddit. So, his character doesn’t like movies, video games, or anything fun, so what. For some fans, the character just seems too boring. Perhaps with these dark times ahead for Torres, fans will change their tune.

When Torres joined the team, he replace Tony DiNozzo. That is a hard character to fill in for and fans have not adjusted very well. One fan took to the message board site to air their grievances.

“Does Torres annoy the sh-t out of people with his ‘better than you’ attitude sometimes? [Torres] hates movies. He hates video games. He hates technology. [The Agent] hates people a lot of the time. Holy sh-t, what the hell does he do when he clocks out, go home and stare at the ceiling?”

While Torres might be a little uptight, the character might start to grow on NCIS fans. Perhaps more time with the team and a bit of information into his back story will help fans come around to the character.