‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Says Torres’s Tough Episode Hurt To Film

by Liz Holland

“NCIS” star Wilmer Valderrama took quite the physical toll on this week’s episode. Valderrama’s character Torres has been struggling lately, especially with the loss of Gibbs. He’s been bailing on his co-workers, copping an attitude, and just generally seems to have a chip on his shoulder. It all came to a head when he gets thrown into a fighting ring as part of an investigation. Torres gets beat up by his huge opponent pretty bad, until he’s able to turn things around and ultimately dominate his challenger. 

Valderrama took to social media to share about the physical toll the episode took on him. The actor also revealed that he actually got hurt– talk about commitment to your craft! 

“Did you catch last night’s episode of NCIS? It hurt just watching it.. wait.. it actually did hurt ME shooting it[.],” Valderrama wrote on Instagram. “I wanna thank our stunt team, and coordinators… it was challenging and ambitious to do… but I am blessed of the heart that went into it… thank you for always being there and being great partners as we tell stories that elevate the narrative of every story!”

Wilmer Valderrama Pays Respect to Professional Fighters

Valderrama’s performance received a ton of praise from fans, too. He certainly earned it! Valderrama also took time to pay respect to professional MMA athletes that fight for a living. 

“so much respect for the athletes who go the distance for the sport they love,” he wrote. “This one was for you too.. I have admire and respect you for so long.. it was an honor to humbly showcase the sport we love so much!”

Torres’ recent actions have been bold, and many are wondering if it means that his time on NCIS is coming to an end. The actor joined the show in Season 14, and quickly became a crowd favorite. At a comic-con round table discussion a few years back, the actor shared his reaction to landing the role. 

How the Actor Landed ‘NCIS’

“I was really humbled, you know?… Really humbled and really flattered that they had given me a call to join the cast. I just finished Minority Report and literally in the middle of wrapping From Dusk Till Dawn in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I landed in Los Angeles and I finished this pilot called Four Stars for CBS Studios.”

The actor explained that although the pilot didn’t move forward, he was honored that the show’s creators saw his performance and invited him to join the cast of “NCIS.” 

He continued, “So, I was excited by the opportunity. I was humbled that I could work with Mark Harmon because I just respect that guy so much. What that show has done for television has been really, really groundbreaking and it’s not slowing down, which to me, it was super exciting.”

Wilmer Valderrama is set to appear on an NCIS: Hawai’i crossover, although it won’t air until March. In the meantime, fans can tune into new episodes of “NCIS” Tuesday nights on CBS.