‘NCIS’ Wishes Torres Actor Wilmer Valderrama Happy Birthday

by Lauren Boisvert

Today is Wilmer Valderrama’s birthday, and “NCIS” fans came out in droves to send him birthday wishes. The official “NCIS” Instagram posted a photo of Valderrama on set of the CBS show, captioning it, “Join us in wishing @wilmervalderrama a very Happy Birthday!”

Fans took to the comments with an outpouring of love for Valderrama on his birthday. They shared how much they love him on “NCIS,” hoping he has a great day, and sending general well wishes.

Recently, Valderrama posted on Twitter about Torres’ big episode last Monday; he thanked the writers and crew for the work on the episode and fans for the love on the finished product.

“I have been so humbled by all of your feedback on this Monday night episode,” he wrote on Twitter. “To my cast, producers, writers and crew.. AND you our amazing fans.. you all make me better, and your love will be met with the best of me.”

Valderrama always brings his A-game when it comes to “NCIS.” On this recent episode, he had to channel a lot of Torres’ emotional torment and abandonment issues. Torres is still upset about Bishop and Gibbs leaving NCIS. He’s kept his feelings bottled up so long that they just boiled over in this episode. He was self-destructive, and wouldn’t listen to his co-workers and friends. Eventually, Palmer got through to him, reminding him that he’s loved and appreciated. But, not before he put himself at serious risk in an underground fighting ring.

It was definitely a tough episode, and I can’t imagine how it was to portray that character in those moments. Wilmer Valderrama truly did a great job making Torres vulnerable, or, as vulnerable as Torres really gets.

Will ‘NCIS’ Be Renewed for Season 20?

Since Mark Harmon’s exit from “NCIS,” fans are left wondering if season 19 will be the end of the road for the long-running flagship. Gibbs was a staple of “NCIS,” and when he left, a lot of fans said they would go with him.

But, there’s barely been a dip in viewership since then. Monday’s episode still pulled 7.5 million live viewers, and the ratings stay consistent at an average of 7.3 million overall since Harmon’s last episode. So, the viewers and the ratings are there, but will that be enough to make CBS renew the show?

Historically, yes, ratings and viewers are what it takes to get a show renewed. Look at how many people are enjoying a show, and go from there. If the numbers steadily sink over the course of the season or series, then the network knows it’s time to pull the plug.

But, “NCIS” has stayed consistent so far. We’ll have to wait and see how the show does for the rest of the season.