‘NCIS’: Would Kate and Ziva Have ‘Gotten Along?’

by Suzanne Halliburton

With more than 400 episodes to stream, NCIS devotees rarely need to wait to watch their favorite show. And this kind of TV buffet leads to the most interesting discussions.

One of the latest concerns is whether Kate and Ziva would have gotten along. There’s not a correct answer to that question. Kate, or Caitlyn Todd, was an OG on NCIS. She was the first main female agent. Kate was a former Secret Service agent turned NCIS team member who partnered with Tony DiNozzo.

Sasha Alexander portrayed Kate for two seasons, 2003-05. But here’s why we’ll never know how well Kate and Ziva would have gotten along. Kate died in the season two finale in the episode called Twilight. It was a brutal scene. As Kate talked to Gibbs and DiNozzo, she was shot in the head. Ari Haswari, a terrorist and sworn enemy of Gibbs, fired the shot.

Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic

Enter Ziva (Cote de Pablo). Starting in season three, Ziva was a Mossad agent serving as a liaison to NCIS. Eventually, Ziva came over to NCIS full time. She, too, partnered with DiNozzo. It also turns out that Ari was her half-brother. Ziva and Gibbs killed Ari in a shootout.

So what do NCIS fans think of how well Ziva and Kate would’ve liked each other. Let’s go to Reddit for the discussion. Several were in agreement that Tony DiNozzo would’ve been the conduit between the two.

“I think they would’ve competed against and hated each other at first,” wrote Reddit user Tuttieelane. “Kinda like Abby hated Ziva Ziva’s first season, but they would’ve bonded eventually through torturing Tony.”

SigmaKnight wrote: “Ziva is too… modern… for Kate (for the most part). But they’d get along, especially when it comes to tormenting Tony. And Kate would openly push Tony and Ziva to get together instead of ignoring it like everyone else.”

See, Tony (Michael Weatherly) was the key to a beautiful relationship between two strong women and NCIS agents.

Another NCIS fan led off the discussion, predicting Kate and Ziva would have a hardcore competition.

“I think that they would get along, although i do think there would be the “whose is bigger” contest throughout a single season mini arc type thing,” wrote downtownDRT. “But I think that they would get along well after that, given that they have different enough skill sets.”

For several years, it looked like Kate and Ziva had another thing in common. They both were dead. NCIS fans learned when Weatherly exited in 2016 that Ziva died at her father’s farmhouse in Israel. De Pablo left NCIS in 2013 still very much alive. Then came the death reveal. And then came the Ziva resurrection. De Pablo returned in 2019 for a four-episode arc. She was very much alive, but had been deep undercover to find out who tried to kill her.

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