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Netflix to Introduce New Two Thumbs Up Feature

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Currently, Netflix users can let the popular streaming service know what shows and movies they enjoy, and which of these they are not quite so fond of. This, Netflix users know can be done using the simple “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” features. However, now Netflix is working on a feature that lets users double down on their favorites. This feature, the “Two Thumbs Up” feature, will allow viewers to let the streaming service know when they really, really liked something they watched. This is a feature, Netflix notes, that users have been requesting for some time.

“We’ve been hearing from members that it’s important for them to distinguish [between] shows they liked and the shows that they really loved,” notes Netflix Director of Product Innovation Christine Doig-Cardet.

“And that distinction was important to them,” the Netflix director adds.

Additionally, Doig-Cardet notes that Netflix tested this new feature using a variety of options including a “heart” button. But, it was the “Two Thumbs Up” option that seemed to fit best with the current Netflix rating system.

Netflix’s New Thumbs Up Feature Will Allow Users To Further Personalize Their Viewing Experience

For the people at Netflix, this new “Two Thumbs Up” option will help users find the movies and shows they will love on the streaming service. “We want to continue to make Netflix the place where it’s easiest to choose something to watch,” Doig-Cardet says. The Netflix director adds that this feature will help to end “choice fatigue” on the popular service.

“It’s a huge part of where we want to invest,” the Netflix official says.

“Providing those mechanisms to give more of the control back to the user,” Doig-Cardet continues. “To help tailor their experience to their personal taste.”

When a user taps the “Two Thumbs Up” feature on a featured movie or series, it will signal to the company what types of programming a user not only likes, but the programming a user loves. The streaming service will then use this information to personalize programming recommendations on Netflix even further.

Netflix Is Considering A Variety Of New Features Including A Fan Recommendations

In addition to this new “Two Thumbs Up” feature, Netflix is considering other features to help make the customer experience even better while streaming on the platform. Among these features is an option in which fans of a series or movie can make recommendations to other users.

“People love to provide recommendations to each other,” Doig-Cardet says. “They have a lot of fandom groups.”

The Netflix “Two Thumbs Up” feature will appear next month. This option will be available right alongside the current “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down” buttons in the app.