New Seal Team 6 Movie, ‘Fearless,’ in the Works

by Craig Garrett

A new film about Seal Team 6, the Navy Seals that took down terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, is going into production. The Erwin Brothers’ Kingdom Story Company has acquired the rights to Eric Blehm’s book Fearless, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Andrew Erwin will helm the film. Jason Hall will adapt the novel into a screenplay.

The film will adapt Blehm’s 2012 book about Seal Team 6 commando Adam Brown. Brown was a Navy Seal who overcame several obstacles. He battled drug addiction and served jail time. However, he went on to join the elite Navy Seal team known for killing Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Jason Hall earned an Oscar nomination for adapting Clint Eastwood‘s American Sniper for the film. More recently, Hall wrote Gran Turismo for Sony Pictures. Along with Mark Ciardi and Jon Erwin, Andy Downes will collaborate on the feature film set on the front lines of the Navy Seals’ conflict in Afghanistan, with Andrew Erwin producing.

Fans of the novel have long wanted a film adaptation. Adam Brown was an unlikely Navy Seal candidate. However, he persisted, despite the challenges, thanks to his wife and family, his religion, and his will. All of this through relapses and overcoming what should have been career-ending injuries to earn a spot on the elite SEAL Team Six unit. Brown volunteered for an exceptionally risky operation, during which he sacrificed his life to save his teammates in a final act of genuine selflessness.

Fearless adaptation is in good hands

Andrew and Jon Erwin founded the Kingdom Story Company. It primarily focuses on faith-based productions. They’ve had recent success with films like I Can Only Imagine and I Still Believe. The production company has a distribution deal with film studio Lionsgate. “We are tremendously honored to bring this story to life,” Andrew Erwin said in a statement. “I can’t think of a better person to write this than Jason Hall. We are all honored by the trust the Brown family has placed in us to tell this story.”

Andrew Erwin and his brother Jon also directed I Still Believe and I Can Only Imagine. They also collaborated on the recent American Underdog. That film starred Zachary Levi of Shazam! fame. Penguin Random House published Fearless.

“This film is right in Andy’s wheelhouse. Fearless will not only take you behind enemy lines with Seal Team 6, but into the heart and soul of one man,” Downes said in a statement. [It will tell] how he found the strength to step up,” Downes added.

Adam Brown turned to the Navy Seals to get his life in order. He was killed in combat while on a mission in Afghanistan.  His widow was pleased with the film adaptation news. “We are so blessed that such an amazing team will bring Adam’s story – as told in Fearless – to the big screen. His legacy is in good hands,” she said in a statement.