Nick Cannon Announces 5-Month-Old Son Zen Dies of Brain Cancer

by Samantha Whidden

The Masked Singer presenter Nick Cannon announced on his Instagram account that his 5-month-old son Zen has passed away from brain cancer.

In a nearly 10-minute clip, Nick Cannon shared details about his son’s fight against Hydrocephalus, a form of brain cancer, and his tragic passing. “I always noticed he had a cough and so I wanted to check it out,” Cannon explained.

The TV show host noted that his son had this interesting breathing. By the time Zen was two months old, Cannon had noticed he had a “nice-sized” head too – a Cannon head. “We didn’t think anything of it. But I wanted to take him to the doctor for his sinus and breathing. We thought it would be routine.”

Unfortunately, Nick Cannon and Zen’s mother Alyssa Scott discovered during the doctor visit that their son actually had fluid building up in his head. There was also a malignant tumor. The little one needed to have surgery in order to drain the fluid. 

Nick Cannon then revealed that things took a turn for the worst for Zen during Thanksgiving. “This weekend I made an effort to spend the most quality time with Zen. We woke up on Sunday and went to the ocean with him and Alyssa. Then I had to fly back to New York for a show. I got a call on my way to the airport to head back to Zen.”

Nick Cannon goes on to recall holding Zen for the last time this past weekend. “You can’t heal until you feel,” the TV presenter and host explained. He then stated that he’s at work so soon after because this is all he knows. 

Zen is Nick Cannon’s youngest child. Cannon has seven children. This includes two children with Brittany Bell, twins with Mariah Carey, and twins with DJ Abby De La Rosa. Zen was born less than a month after De La Rosa’s twins in June 2021. 

What is Hydrocephalus?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid in the cavities deep within the brain. The excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and its pressure on the brain. 

It was noted that Hydrocephalus can happen at any age but mainly occurs more frequently among infants and adults 60 years and older. In infants, symptoms of Hydrocephalus include an unusually large head; rapid increase in the size of the head; and bulging or tense soft spot (fontanel) on the top of the head. 

Mayo Clinic further explained, “Hydrocephalus is caused by an imbalance between how much cerebrospinal fluid is produced and how much is absorbed into the bloodstream.”