Nicolas Cage Had an Out-of-Body Experience Filming This Legendary Scene in ‘Face/Off’

by Hannah Heser

Nicolas Cage has done some crazy stunts over the years. But there’s one experience that stands out from the others. Can you guess which one?

Do you remember the scene in Face/Off when he had an out-of-body experience? Well, this legendary scene will not leave people’s minds. It is almost the talk of the century. It’s not every day you witness someone leaving their body in movies.

Additionally, Cage is the perfect actor this character. Face/Off is one of the most chaotic movies from Hollywood and that’s exactly what Nicholas Cage loves about it, according to Entertainment Weekly

In the film, Nicolas Cage portrays a terrorist named Castor Troy. Do you prefer Cage as the bad or good guy in movies? I guess it depends on the movie and if he can play the character in the way the directors want. But a cop dedicates his life to capturing Castor. A few years later, Castor plants a bomb somewhere in Los Angeles for the cop to find. In order to complete this task, the cop gets a secret face transplant surgery. He thought this is the only way to not be recognized. Did it work, though? Be sure to watch the movie to see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed by this action film.

To encourage you to watch it, here’s the official trailer. It’s only 2 minutes and 12 seconds long.

In the clip, the camera rolls on John Travolta‘s character first.

“He is the mastermind behind numerous bombings and has a felony list that’s a mile long. He is the most dangerous and brilliant criminal I’ve ever known,” Travolta said. “After all this time I have finally figured out how to track him. I will become him.”

The Out of Body Experience On Face/Off

To begin, one particular scene inspired the producer, Steven Reuther. So, he asked Cage to be more specific with his character.

“That was the scene in the jail cell where Sean Archer is pretending to be Castor Troy,” Nicholas said in a recent EW report. “And I remember I was like ‘I’m Castor Troy!’ And it went on and on, almost like a riot.”

However, Cage reveals he went a little too far with his “I’m Castor Troy” moment, according to EW.

“There was a moment in the scene where I think I actually left my body,” he said. “I got scared, am I acting or is this real? I can see it if I look at the movie, that one moment, it’s in my eyes.”

And the rest is history. You can watch this particular scene on Hulu.

Nicolas Cage Can Portray Any Character

From leaving his body to becoming a vampire, Nicolas Cage is a man of many talents. Which character of his do you prefer?