Nicole Kidman Revealed She and Keith Urban Never Finished High School

by Allison Hambrick

Actress Nicole Kidman opened up about how she and musician husband Keith Urban never actually completed high school.

In an appearance on KIIS FM, the Being the Ricardos star discussed her education with radio host Kyle Sandilands. After Sandilands commented that he couldn’t be an actor, the host revealed that he never finished year 10. As a result, he can’t “intake all that rubbish.”

“I didn’t finish Year 11 and I somehow got there, are we allowed to say that?”replied Kidman. In response, Sandilands said they “got through on a wing and a prayer.”

“Don’t think Keith finished Year 10 either,” Kidman continued. “But we shouldn’t be putting that out there, it’s not a good promotion.” Of course, many famous people didn’t finish their studies.

A handful of celebrities who didn’t finish high school include: Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jay-Z, and Ryan Gosling, among others. It is relatively common for younger celebrities to drop out due to the demands of a full time work schedule.

Even so, Kidman’s success is undeniable. She is both critically and commercially popular, with a career of hits spanning three decades. Her husband has a similar success story in country music.

Nicole Kidman Talks Her Family Versus Lucille Ball’s

When promoting her new film Being the Ricardos, Nicole Kidman unpacked how her life with famous musician Keith Urban compared to Lucille Ball’s life with famous musician Desi Arnaz.

“It was very different for them because they were doing a show together,” Kidman explained. “Sixty million households in America would watch this show, and that was when the population wasn’t as big as it is now. It got to the point where the water use was affected when the show was on. That’s crazy. People actually didn’t go the bathroom because they were watching that half hour of television. There’s been nothing like it; there probably never will be anything like it again. The pressure of that on a marriage, let alone on a woman, would have been extraordinary.”

Alternatively, Kidman was quick to call her husband “solid.” She said that he is “an incredible love and support to” her. The. actress hopes that he felt the same way. The biggest difference between Urban and Kidman and Arnaz and Ball is that Kidman makes a concentrated effort to separate work and home.

“I live a portion of my life in the public eye,” Kidman stated. “Only a small portion of it. I have my work, but my actual life is pretty private. I’m very fortunate that I have a family that is very tight. We’re very close. I had a fantastic papa [in the late Dr Antony Kidman, the revered clinical psychologist] and I have a fantastic husband, and as much as we have all of this, Keith and I are pretty normal.”