Nicole Kidman Reveals Her and Keith Urban’s Christmas Plans

by Suzanne Halliburton
Don Arnold/WireImage

What might Nicole Kidman and her country star husband Keith Urban be doing for Christmas?

Why, the two lovebirds and their daughters are spending the holidays with their family back home. That’s in Australia, where you get lots of sun and no snow this time of year. We’re told Santa wears an Aloha shirt Down Under.

Nicole Kidman, with her two daughters, flew from Australia to the United States to do promotional work for her new movie, Being the Ricardos. Kidman plays Lucille Ball, with Javier Bardem co-starring as her husband, Desi Arnaz.

Now, the family is back home. Kidman returned for her hometown premiere with Urban this week. That’s when she revealed how her mother, Janelle, helped with her new movie.

‘She actually she ran lines with me, preparing, can you believe it?” Nicole Kidman told reporters. “And she would say, “No, you need to it again,” or, “You got that word wrong,” for this role.”

Kidman, wearing a short-sleeve, green and mint colored sequin gown, walked the red carpet in Sydney this week with her husband and mother. The movie opened in select theaters last Friday. It’s set for a bigger theatrical release this weekend and will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Dec. 21.

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Neither Nicole Kidman Nor Bardem Realized Lasting Popularity of I Love Lucy

It’s crazy, but neither Kidman nor Bardem, both Academy Award winners, thought they were up to playing the part of Lucy and Desi. According to the Hollywood Reporter, neither actor realized how popular Lucy and Desi were on I Love Lucy in the United States. Kidman, of course, grew up in Australia, while Bardem lived in Spain.

“I wasn’t aware of how big it was,” Bardem told Hollywood Reporter. He said he knew Arnaz as a musician and was aware of his work in music, specifically with Xavier Cugat, who like Bardem, was Spanish.

The I Love Lucy show drew 60 million viewers a week back in the 1950s, when it ruled the air waves. These days, as television splintered with network, cable and streaming services, a 30-minute comedy draws 4 million. Plus, fans still watch I Love Lucy in reruns.

Bardem said he knew that there was a Spanish sub-titled version of I Love Lucy, called Te Quiero Lucy. But Bardem, 52, never saw it. “When I really started digging into him, the deeper I got, the more I knew how iconic [the show] was … it was like, ‘Shit.’”

Nicole Kidman echoed Bardem. “Shit, what did we do?” Kidman told the outlet. “I got frightened.”

Kidman and Bardem both asked Aaron Sorkin, the film’s director, to push back production. But Amazon kept with the schedule. Production started March 29.

Sorkin also wrote the movie. He used the five-day production week of I Love Lucy to organize the movie. It started with Monday’s table read and it ended Friday with a taping in front of an audience.

Now, all that’s left to do is promote the movie. That’s what Nicole Kidman did this week in Australia. Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy Christmas Down Under.