‘Night Court’ Star Marsha Warfield Appears on a Popular Crime Show

by Megan Molseed

The hit NBC sitcom series Night Court featured quite an interesting cast during its nine-season run in the 1980s and early 1990s. Among these cast members is one comedian that has recently made a return to television guest-starring in one of our favorite dramas, Fox’s 9-1-1.

Marsha Warfield joined the Night Court cast about halfway through the popular courtroom sitcom’s successful run on NBC. Her character, bailiff Rosalind “Roz” Russel filled in a role that had been previously been occupied by a variety of other characters.

Warfield Takes On The Sitcom Market Starting with ‘Night Court’

The series, which premiered in 1984 centers around an energetic judge, Harry T. Stone (Harry Anderson) with a penchant for magic tricks proceeding over the night court proceedings in a New York City courtroom. Starring alongside Warfield and Anderson are two legal experts played by Markie Post and John Larroquette. Actor Charles Robinson portrays one of the courtroom clerks, Macintosh “Mac” Robinson.

Guarding the courtroom during these hilarious nighttime proceedings is a bailiff named Bull (Richard Moll). Warfield’s Roz became Bull’s bailiff counterpart on the series in the show’s fourth season. Warfield continued in the role on the popular series until it ended in 1992.

When Night Court ended in 1992, Marsha Warfield went on to take on a role as Dr. Maxine Douglas on the popular Golden Girls spin-off series, Empty Nest. During this time, the comedian also made appearances in Living SingleCybill, and Mad About You. She even found a few roles on the big screen in the 1985 drama Mask and later in 1988’s Caddyshack II.

However, Warfield would soon be taking a hiatus from her acting career. After making a cameo appearance in the Kirstie Alley comedy series Veronica’s Closet in 1999, the actress stepped away from the business for many years.

“I had a family commitment thing I had to attend to that needed my time and presence,” Marsha Warfield told 50 Bold in a 2019 interview.

“The matter needed my attention,” the actress continues of her break from acting. “And then I could resume pursuing my passion, so I went for it!”

‘9-1-1’ Brings Warfield Back to TV

And boy did she! Warfield’s 2021 appearance on 9-1-1 was one that fans of the series remember well. In the popular drama series, Warfield portrays Toni, the mother of 9-1-1 paramedic Henrietta “Hen” Wilson (Aisha Hinds). Appearing during the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, Warfield’s character turns her television daughter’s life upside down when she unexpectedly shows up on her doorstep…in the middle of the pandemic, as Hen points out.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic, you can’t just show up at people’s houses,” Hen tells her mother when she unexpectedly arrives at the first responder’s LA home.

“You’re not people, you’re my family!” responds Warfield’s character. During her time on 9-1-1, the former Night Court star slowly reconnects with her daughter as the reasons for her move to LA become more apparent. She eventually moves in with Hen and her family.