‘No Time to Die’ Star Talks How Her Character Differs from Other Bond Girls

by Leanne Stahulak

We have a pretty good grasp on what the “James Bond Girl” is like after 60 years. But “No Time to Die” star Léa Seydoux subverts that stereotype with her character Dr. Madeleine Swann.

We first met Seydoux as Swann in Daniel Craig’s 2015 Bond film “Spectre.” The daughter of Mr. White, one of 007’s enemies, we see her and Bond have to reluctantly work together to achieve their mutual goals. Of course, romance does ensue along the way. But Swann doesn’t fall for him quite so easily. She resists it at first, just like Seydoux resisted the idea of filling the “Bond Girl” stereotype.

Seydoux never thought of herself as the type of actress to star in a James Bond film. The “No Time to Die” star calls herself an “unconventional” actor, per CinemaBlend. She’s more likely to star in independent French films or Wes Anderson pieces than a huge franchise like James Bond. But Seydoux opened up about her decision to take on the role in a recent interview with Screen Daily.

“For me to be a Bond girl was completely… I wouldn’t say it made no sense, but I did think, ’How will I fit into this big machine?’” Seydoux told the outlet.

“I like to be unexpected. I like to do my own thing. In the cinematic landscape, I’ve always expressed myself in a way that’s not necessarily like other actresses,” the “No Time to Die” star continued. “I’m not an efficient actress. My pace is different, and for that reason, I’ve always felt anti-conventional.”

In this case, anti-conventional seemed to work for the James Bond franchise.

‘No Time to Die’ Star Léa Seydoux Speaks of Coming Back for Latest James Bond Film

Many James Bond fans wondered if they would see Dr. Madeleine Swann again after her “Spectre” appearance. But the “No Time to Die” creators surprised those same fans by bringing Seydoux back into the game.

The surprise mostly stems from the fact that the end of “Spectre” makes it look like Swann betrayed James Bond. At the very end of the film, though, we see her hold her stomach. This is foreshadowing for “No Time to Die” when we find out Swann and Bond had a child together.

But Seydoux was excited to give her character a new arc. We as fans watched Swann develop a new kind of relationship with Bond, as a mother and partner rather than a distrustful lover.

“When they asked me to come back, I was happy for one reason — this time she is not stereotyped, and I was able to have more of my own input. So she’s not what you would expect from a Bond girl, and that’s what I like,” Seydoux told Screen Daily.

While we won’t see Seydoux and Craig reprise their roles in the next James Bond film, we are excited to see what kind of risks the franchise will take next.