Noah Cyrus’ Dress Raises Eyebrows in New Year’s Eve Performance

by Maggie Schneider

Singer Noah Cyrus’ dress made fans nervous during her New Year’s Eve performance on NBC. The internet is still reacting to her ensemble.

As a performer myself, I know the importance of picking a stage-worthy outfit. It is crucial to pick something that is both flashy and comfortable to wear. Frankly, Noah Cyrus’ dress choice for her New Year’s Eve performance stressed me out, and it seems like the internet feels the same way.

Appearing on her sister’s New Year’s Eve special on NBC, Noah Cyrus wore a heavily cut-out black dress. Pieced together by three thin bands, the dress’ hem is sharply cut all the way to one side. The top of the silhouette looks to only be connected by one chain strap. The gown is a custom Andre Emery design.

While the singer performs confidently on stage, fans watching her appearance were nervous. They were wondering how Cyrus did not end up having a wardrobe malfunction like her sister.

“How was Noah Cyrus not just flashing crotch to the entire audience? This dress is stressing me out,” one fan writes.

“The amount of trust Noah Cyrus has in that dress is what I need for 2022,” another viewer tweets.

While I think the singer looks stunning, I would never be brave enough to wear her look onstage or off. Kudos to Noah Cyrus for beginning the New Year on a bold note.

Noah and Miley Cyrus Sing “Jolene”

It is no secret that Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus’ godmother. The singer pays homage to Parton whenever she can, and her cover of “Jolene” is one of my favorites. During her NBC special, the singer and her sister performed the country classic together.

“Miley’s New Year’s Eve Part” was a huge success. Fans are praising the sisters’ duet in the comments.

“They look absolutely fabulous! if it’s anyone that could remake Jolene it would be Miley, her voice fits perfectly with that song I tell you,” one writes.

“Miley Cyrus is like a fine wine, and only gets better and better with time. There is so much more to come from her and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, holy smokes, I wasn’t familiar with the talent that is Noah Cyrus. Beautiful sisters, beautiful vocals. The world needs the strong woman rock vocals of Miley, and just more of Noah all together. Take my money please, you’re amazing!!!! How does one family have so much freaking talent!!!! Can we please get a vegas residency. Do they have season tickets?” another says.

If Carrie Underwood and John Legend can grace the Vegas stage, why can’t the Cyrus sisters? We’ll try to manifest this in 2022.