Notoriously Casual Dresser Adam Sandler Declared Vogue’s 2021 Fashion Icon

by Megan Molseed

The year 2021 is certainly a unique one to go down in the books. And, now one of the premier fashion magazines has moved outside of its comfort zone, declaring Adam Sandler, known for his focus on dressing with comfort in mind, to be the year’s fashion icon.

It certainly fits when we think about it though. As the pandemic closed a lot of us off from our regular lives in one way or another, casual dress such as the style Sandler often sports has become the norm across the board.

This is why we can all see ourselves in the comfortable uniform of t-shirts and basketball shorts that seems to fit the funny man so well.

According to Vogue, Adam Sandler has beat out Harry Styles, Lizzo, and Britney Spears in the Google trend results regarding the top search in celebrity style.

And, the Vogue explanation says it best…while Harry Styles was certainly bringing fashion-forward in 2021 with his “plucked from the runway” dresses, it was Sandler who truly encapsulated the pandemic style.

In an era where all of us are spending our days dressed comfortably in our sweatpants and sweatshirts, the “Adam Sandler style” of oversized basketball shorts, casual polos, and untied basketball shoes seem to speak to us all as a nation.

He may be loving his casual style, as does the rest of the nation, apparently.

Adam Sandler Brings Genius To The Industry While Going Casual

However, as most of us who have pulled through these unprecedented times clad almost entirely in loungewear know, this doesn’t necessarily slow down the creative mind.

In fact, while Adam Sandler has been donning his favorite baggy basketball shorts, loose polos, and casual sneakers, the longtime funnyman has been continuing to establish a name for himself within a variety of Hollywood roles.

Adam Sandler became a household name during his run on Saturday Night Live.

He later starred in the wildly popular 1995 American comedy film, Billy Madison. This, of course, established the comedian as the goofy slapstick-heavy player that he went on to portray for several years.

But, while he has kept his comedy chops well-honed, Adam Sandler has also been exploring his roles in the business, expanding into more serious films as well as into directing. In fact, one iconic actor has gone on the record to praise the funnyman for his skills as a director. Calling Sandler a “genius” in the field.

“Adam Sandler is one of the five directing geniuses that I’ve worked with,” Henry Winkler once told OLD GOATS with Jonathan Alther.

Sandler Knows How To Bring Attention To Every Detail

“He’s in charge of every detail for the entertainment that he creates,” the Happy Days star says of Sandler.

He is warm. He is shy,” Henry Winkler says. Adding that while Sandler may play some flighty characters on the big screen, he is well aware of what he wants when bringing a vision to life.

“He’s inventive and totally knows what he wants,” Winkler explains.

High praise from the Fonz, indeed. However, Winkler went on to joke that after a long run of starring in Sandler’s films, the funnyman soon dropped him. Well, he never called again, the Happy Days star jokes of Sandler.

“Five films with him. And then he never called again,” Henry Winkler jokes. “So actually he’s a schmuck.”