On This Day: ‘Night Court’ Premieres on NBC in 1984

by Joe Rutland

Do the names Harry Stone, Christine, and Bull kick in memories? Well, on this day in 1984, the cast of Night Court hit TV screens.

It brought humor into the late-night scene of a court in the middle of Manhattan. Harry Anderson starred as Judge Harry Stone, while Markie Post also was a cast member on Night Court. Marsha Warfield and Charles Robinson played pivotal roles, too.

Oh, Richard Moll played the big, lovable bailiff “Bull.”

Lest we forget John Larroquette as prosecutor Dan Fielding.

Twitter account Retro News Now did not forget this auspicious anniversary. Take a look at the pilot’s introduction and we’ll hash out the cast of characters below it.

‘Night Court’ Went Through Some Cast Changes Over Its Nine Seasons on NBC

Night Court went through a number of cast changes over its nine seasons on NBC. Sadly, they involved two older actresses who were bailiffs, too. Selma Diamond, who appeared in these credits, died from cancer after Season 2. Actress Florence Halop appeared in Season 3 yet she, too, died of cancer after that season finished.

Warfield joined in Season 4 as Rosalind “Roz” Russell and stayed on Night Court through its final season.

Robinson joined the cast as Mac Robinson in Season 2 and he, too, stayed through Season 9. Actress Karen Austin was asked to leave the series after 10 of 13 first-season episodes. But her credits stayed on through all of the episodes in that season.

Show Was Created By One Of The Writers Behind ‘Barney Miller’

Night Court was developed by Reinhold Weege, who had been part of the creative team behind the legendary ABC sitcom Barney Miller starring Hal Linden. While both sitcoms are different, their connecting thread lies in dealing with the law in a humorous way.

Ah, we don’t want to forget Post. She played public defender Christine Sullivan from Season 3 through Season 9. Gail Strickland only appeared in the pilot. Paula Kelly was in Season 1 and Ellen Foley appeared in Season 2.

Larroquette, who is currently working on a revival of Night Court, played the sex-hungry, only-thinking-about-himself prosecutor throughout the show’s run.

Harry Anderson had made some appearances on Cheers as Harry “The Hat” Gittes, a magician. This role was not a stretch for Anderson, who really was a magician in real life.

In the past few years, Anderson, Post, and Robinson have all died. Their time on the show, though, remains a part of the sitcom’s fans’ lives. Night Court is now part of the syndicated world of TV reruns. We will keep an eye on how the reboot comes along, too.