One ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Is Starting To Get on Fans’ Nerves

by Amy Myers

You either love him or you hate him. And lately, more Blue Bloods fans are falling out of love with Donnie Wahlberg, otherwise known as Danny Reagan. Even before becoming a star on the show, Wahlberg has had a huge fanbase. Between his time in New Kids on the Block and many TV appearances, the star has a pretty impressive resume, and when he started on Blue Bloods, everyone was thrilled to see him. But now that the show has reached Season 12, it seems Wahlberg’s charm is starting to wear off.

Fans gathered to Reddit to discuss their conflicted feelings about Wahlberg’s character on Blue Bloods, noting the extremity of his accent and his personality.

“Is it just me???” the user titled the thread. “I like Danny I really do but is it just me or does it sound like a whines? It really gets on my nerves at times.”

“I noticed and thought it was him exaggerating a Brooklyn accent,” one Blue Bloods fan mentioned. “It may not be Brooklyn but I said that because my neighbor was born and raised in Brooklyn and sounds like a female version Danny, just not as overboard.”

Another fan continued the criticisms to other characters on the show that they felt didn’t match up to Frank and Jamie Reagan’s roles.

“So many say the actors are all great in that show,” the user wrote. “Well they aren’t great. Danny is mediocre, Erin and Eddie are below horrific. Some of the others are really good.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Share Least Favorite Character

This thread wasn’t the only instance in which Blue Bloods fans discussed the less likable characters of the show. One fan went so far as to create a poll with six of the characters to see which one fans wouldn’t mind seeing exit the show for good. The choice was between: Jamie, Henry, Frank, Danny, Erin and Eddie.

The winner? Henry Reagan.

The oldest member of the Reagan family earned 33 votes out of 114, roughly 29% of the responses.

One Blue Bloods fan shared their reason why.

“Henry.. he likes to live in the past and say “in my day”… he doesn’t think beyond the “good old days” and is narrow-minded at times,” they said.

Not surprisingly, Frank Reagan had the least amount of votes because, well, it’s Tom Selleck. The role of the family patriarch suits the actor naturally, and fans can tell that it’s truly his personality that shines through the police commissioner.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Erin scored in second and third place, respectively, seemingly for their stern demeanors.

“Now Erin….apparently the writers just has her working all day all night no fun whatsoever & it shows,” one user shared. “Jamie I feel bad for the most being around your condescending wife @ work & home has to take a toll on him.”