One ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Also Had a Band

by Liz Holland

“Brady Bunch” fans know star Barry Williams as Greg Brady. However, the performer behind the role is much more than just an actor. 

In addition to being an actor, Barry Williams is also a musician. He spends time active in musical theater, which allows him to combine his love of the two art forms. Additionally, he pursues his own musical projects. 

One of his most notable music-ventures was his show titled, “70s Music Celebration Starring Barry Williams.” The production transported tourists back to their youth, and ran for six years. One description of the show called it “sensational.”

“The show is especially selected to highlight the important music genres of the 1970’s,” the description explained.

Barry Williams Had a Branson, MO 70s Band

‘The 70’s Music Celebration! Starring Barry Williams,’ with a full cast and live band, the show promises to deliver the grooviest decade of them all through song and dance. Williams is accompanied by a cast of sensational singers and dancers with years of experience in the Branson music industry. You will hear more than 50 memorable songs that were made popular in the 1970’s by artists The Eagles, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Carole King, Donna Summers and many more. You will smile, laugh, sing, dance and feel young again throughout the 2 hour show.”

The actor continues to pursue music even after his hometown show closed. He currently has a band called “Barry Williams and the Traveliers.”

The trio consists of Barry Williams himself, his wife Tina Mahina Williams, and Mike Ristau. The group performs a variety of music, including classic rock, pop, and country. 

Although Williams is passionate about his music-related projects, he’s well aware that “The Brady Bunch” will continue to be one of his most popular works. In an interview with E News, the 67 year old expressed gratitude for his roots. 

The Actor is Grateful For His Time On ‘The Brady Bunch’

 “I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to diversify and do different things,” he said of his decades-long career following the show.  “but the Brady has always been very much a constant and certainly because it’s never been off the air, people have made that connection and it’s very solid. So that’s mostly what I get recognized from and that’s fine with me. I feel like I have a nice relationship…a multi-generational relationship with so many different people.”

Williams undoubtedly formed an unbreakable bond with his “Brady Bunch” castmates. Spending your most awkward and formative teenage years on the small screen certainly can’t be easy. However, Williams was facing the same struggles that many members of his on-screen family members were also dealing with. Williams describes his years on the show as “intense.”

“The years were very intense years for me,” he said. “All my teen years, 14 to 20, were on The Brady Bunch,” the star explained. You can hear the voice changing, you can see the hair changing, you can see the growth spurts going on with all of us,” he listed off. “So, it was sometimes awkward and sometimes fun.”

“The Brady Bunch” legacy continues to live on, and Barry Williams continues to participate in spinoff projects.