‘One Chicago’ Shows Airing Two More New Episodes Before Olympics Break

by Megan Molseed

Fans of our favorite One Chicago shows were certainly glad to see the popular franchise return to the airwaves this week, after a midseason holiday break.

The return of Chicago Fire, Med, and PD are no doubt exciting. However, it is only a brief return for now.

Earlier this week, the One Chicago players returned to television for the first episodes in 2022 as each one of the franchise’s shows premiered their midseason openers.

All three of the popular dramas will be returning with new episodes both next week, as well as the following week. But, showrunners say, this will likely be it for the One Chicago players until later this year.

After the NBC dramas premiere their January 19 new episodes, the popular NBC first-responder dramas will be briefly on hold.

In their place will be coverage of the long-awaited 2022 Winter Olympics games.

‘One Chicago’ Franchise Takes A Break For the 2022 Winter Games

NBCUniversal will be carrying the games regularly during their February run. The 2022 Olympic games can be viewed on NBC’s streaming station, the Peacock channel.

The 2022 Olympic Winter games will also be available for live streaming through NBC’s regular networks. This content will be airing during the events from February 2 until February 2. It will include coverage of all fifteen sports regularly covered during the Winter Games.

The Opening Ceremony for the 2022 Olympic Winter will begin streaming on Friday, February 4. Coverage for the 2022 Winter Olympic completion coverage will begin February 2.

Once the games have ended, all our favorite One Chicago shows will return to their regularly scheduled programming.

However, what will come of the new episodes of Chicago Fire following these plans aren’t entirely certain at this point.

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunners Halt Filming

The One Chicago showrunners have announced that filming for the popular television series has been put on hold. This comes as the sets have seen multiple positive COVID-19 cases.

The cast and crew of Chicago Fire had just returned for some post-holiday filming on set. Production had started just a day before the shocking announcement.

According to Deadline, multiple zones within the Chicago Fire studios have reported positive cases of the virus. This, the report notes, includes “Zone A.” This zone includes Chicago Fire actors as well as crew members.

Chicago Fire is just one of multiple popular dramas that have announced temporary halts to production in response to a COVID-19 uptick.

These cancelations are due to the latest COVID Omnicron variant, which is highly contagious.

The closures are expected to last only one or two days. However, some procedurals such as the popular CBS investigative NCIS franchise, which includes NCIS, and NCIS: Los Angeles have reported production will be on hold until February.