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‘One Chicago’ Casts Struggled to Answer Trivia Based Off Their Shows

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Members of NBC’s One Chicago teams recently showed us how they hilariously struggle to answer some trivia questions inspired by the franchise’s popular shows.

In a hysterical clip titled The One Chicago Quiz, actors from NBC’s Chicago Med, Fire, and PD try to answer some tricky questions based on things their shows.

The first question ready to be answered was a bit of a tricky one. Well, at least that’s what Chicago Fire actress Kara Kilmer thinks in the clip.

“Is this a trick question?” the Chicago Fire actress asks. “Because he has three.”

The question? “What was Ruzek’s ex-fiance’s name?”

‘One Chicago’ Cast Gets Stumped

This was apparently a stumper, though because even Patrick John Flueger, the actor who plays Ruzek on Chicago PD, wasn’t sure what the right answer was.

“What the h–l was her name?” the actor says while costar LaRoyce Hawkins laughs.

“Tabitha?” Flueger asks, but the buzzer sound tells him that is the wrong answer.

The correct answer to this tricky trivia question? Wendy.

The next bit of One Chicago trivia is “What is Kelly Severide’s father’s name?”

Chicago PD’s LaRoyce Hawkins thinks he’s found a hack for this tricky game and gives an answer that some could say is technically correct.

“Mr. Severide,” Hawkins says with a slight grin.

Then, Chicago Med’s Torrey Devitto and Nick Gehlfuss get in on the trivia fun, trying to correctly answer the question.

“Matt,” says Devitto on her first guess. This is the wrong answer to the actress adds more guesses.

“Samuel,” the Chicago Med actress says.

While Gehlfuss isn’t sure what the correct answer is, he knows this answer isn’t it.

“Samuel?!” he asks.

Then Devitto just goes for it, guessing the answer to be Helen. This, of course, is incorrect. The correct answer is Benny.

The next trivia question asks the One Chicago crews what pet Dr. Choi got to help with his PTSD. All of the answers given such as an iguana, a puppy, a monkey, and even a panda were incorrect. Dr. Choi got a bird to help him with his PTSD.

‘PD’ Knocks One Out of the Park!

Another question given to the cast during the hilarious round of trivia was “where did the nickname Mouch come from?”

This, of course, refers to the Chicago Fire character Randall McHolland’s nickname. The character is played by Christian Stolte.

It’s the Chicago PD team that gets this question right when Kim Burgess actress Marina Squerciati and former PD actress Amy Morton remember that Mouch is a mix of two words…implying McHolland is “half-man, half-couch.”