‘One Chicago’ Fans Debate the Best Crossover Moments

by Lauren Boisvert

“One Chicago” is a powerhouse of a franchise, and it has some of the best crossovers in TV history. That’s one of the things Dick Wolf is great at; bringing all his shows together into one universe.

The people wanted a list of the best crossover moments from the “One Chicago” franchise, and we’re here to deliver. With help from fans and Looper, here are a few favorite moments from “One Chicago” crossover episodes.

First, there’s a moment from the “Chicago Fire” season 2 episode “A Dark Day.” A crossover with “Chicago PD”, the episode centered around a massive explosion that rocks the hospital. Mills and Boden speculate that it was a car bomb, and then have to disarm another bomb that they find later. The moment comes when Boden is nervous about Mills’ skills at disarming bombs. He keeps mentioning how much time they have, much to Mills’ annoyance.

“Okay. It’s eight twenty-nine. This thing is set to go …” Boden starts, but Mills cuts him off with a curt, “Chief. Respectfully – shut up.” Fans love this moment because it brought some humor to a harrowing situation.

Another crossover with “Chicago PD” was the “Chicago Fire” season 3 episode “Three Bells.” Severide gets involved in an arson case after Leslie Shay died in a fire and building collapse. The case leads Severide to a known arsonist, who clues him into the fact that Shay’s death wasn’t an accident. The crossover continues into the “Chicago PD” episode “A Little Devil Complex.” Fans liked the sneaky ways that the arsonist evaded the police, using different aliases to avoid capture. When the police miss him again, Voight explodes, shouting, “who the hell is this guy?!”

‘One Chicago’: More Favorite Crossover Moments

Another favorite is the backdoor pilot crossover that launched “Chicago Med.” The “Chicago Fire” season 3 episode “I Am the Apocalypse” introduced the staff at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Truck 81 is called to a dangerous gas leak, and the already crowded emergency room is flooded with victims of the ammonia leak. To make matters worse, a man announces he’s holding a hand grenade, and shouts, “If you thought Ebola was a nightmare, I am the apocalypse! Death to all Americans! You’re all dead in two weeks!” He pulls the pin on the grenade, and Severide tackles him, getting seriously hurt. Things turn out okay, but this moment is still seared into fans’ minds.

Finally, the massive three-episode crossover event with “Fire”, “PD”, and “Med”, “Infection, parts I, II, and III.” A terrifying bacterial epidemic dominates Chicago, and Firehouse 51 dispatches to try and control the spread, with no luck. In the second episode, Gaffney Chicago Medical Center doctors risk their own lives to save people from flesh-eating bacteria. In the final installment, the Intelligence Unit rushes to find the bioterrorist responsible for releasing the bacteria into the public.

At the end, the three teams come together for a rousing speech from Dr. Goodwin, where she tells them, “Fear is a funny thing … it brings out the worst in people. But fear also brings out our very best … And for a certain few, fear brings out something different, their choice to be heroic … to find a way to hold onto hope and to lean on each other like family.”