‘One Chicago’ Fans Share Their Craziest Fan Theories

by Joe Rutland

Leave it to the One Chicago franchise shows’ fans to really come up with some doozies around their theories for what will go down.

These fans, who do make time on Wednesday nights to see Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med, were encouraged to offer their insights.

After all, we fans of our shows do have a theory or two when it comes to our favorite storylines.

Let’s take a look at Chicago Med star Guy Lockard, who plays Dr. Dylan Scott, asking for some fan support.

Well, let’s get to what some of these fans are saying.

‘One Chicago’ Viewers Want Jay, Will Halstead To Appear At Same Time

One writes, “Will finally meeting The Halsteads for the first time :).” This would involve Dr. Will Halstead of Chicago Med, played by Nick Gehlfuss.

Another One Chicago fan writes, “Will and Jay will finally be in a scene together.” Jay is Detective Jay Halstead, played by Jesse Lee Soffer.

Believe me, Outsiders, there were a lot of Halstead plotlines offered up.

Here is another one for the One Chicago family: “kelly and stella make up and in the season finale they tie the knot”. Kelly is Kelly Severide of Chicago Fire and Stella is Stella Kidd. Taylor Kinney plays Severide, while Miranda Rae Mayo plays Stella.

This fan writes, “How much more of Scott’s background comes out since he used to be a police officer also now that he’s a Dr?”

Well, let’s see what happens with this storyline theory. Who knows? Maybe Lockard will help the fans out with this one.

Anyway, Outsiders, just make sure that you have that calendar marked off for Wednesday nights on NBC. That is if you want to see these shows.

Shows’ Fans Start Debating On The Best Crossover Moments

With three shows in the One Chicago world airing on one night, having crossovers definitely can take place.

What say you, fans?

This comes from an article on Looper.

Let’s look at a Chicago Fire episode titled A Dark Day. This was a crossover with Chicago P.D. It centered around a massive explosion that rocked the hospital.

Then we have a crossover with P.D. and Fire titled Three Bells. Severide gets involved in an arson case after Leslie Shay died in a fire and building collapse.

The case leads Severide to a known arsonist, who clues him into the fact that Shay’s death wasn’t an accident. Well, this crossover goes into a P.D. episode titled A Little Devil Complex. Fans liked the sneaky ways that the arsonist evaded the police, using different aliases to avoid capture. When the police miss him again, Voight explodes, shouting, “who the hell is this guy?!”