‘One Chicago’ Fans Weigh in on Which Boss They Would Shop For on Cyber Monday

by Chase Thomas

Happy Cyber Monday, Outsiders. Consumers everywhere are flocking their favorite online website to shop for deals for the day, but folks are also talking about how their favorite characters on television would handle the holiday. One Chicago fans are wondering which boss they would most like to shop for of the group. Who made the cut for fans of the Chicago universe?

One fan tweeted, “As much as I love all 3 all three shows my favorite is Hank Voight !”

Another one tweeted, “Well Hank, of course.”

The majority of the responses were in favor of showering the boss with all kinds of Cyber Monday gifts.

Hank Voight in The ‘One Chicago’ Universe

Hank Voight is a fan-favorite in the One Chicago universe. That was apparent before fans on Twitter mostly agreed that he was the boss they were most likely to give a Cyber Monday gift to. His unforgettable voice and demeanor and character on Chicago P.D. is someone fans have latched onto.

Jason Beghe, who plays the role of Hank, spoke with the Post-Gazette about the role and how much he is like the character who fans want to shower with online deals.

He said, “Ever since I started playing Hank Voight, I’ve found that I’ve killed a lot more people in my personal life. I slapped a guy at 7-Eleven when he gave me the wrong change yesterday. I’m kidding! [laughs] Honestly, after all this time, it becomes like a close personal relationship. And like any good close relationship, I’m sure we learn from and influence each other.”

From Beghe’s perspective, he says that the two are good with one another. When you spend that much time with an on-screen character one has to wonder if it bleeds into your personal life and for Beghe, he confirmed that it does. The two have something to offer each other, even if you might not expect that to be the case.

Speaking of playing the character, Beghe is also playing the character of a police officer in Chicago. How does that change one’s perspective?

Beghe said, “Many. The most overriding thing would be that I probably used to think of cops as cops. I now am fully and consciously aware that they are each human beings, with full, unique lives and that law enforcement is the job they do. So now whenever I see a cop, I see a person who is a cop, not just a cop.”

Voight might be in big trouble at the tale end of the ninth season on Chicago P.D. on NBC. However, breathe easy, One Chicago fans, the finale is still. aways away as it will not wrap up until December 8 when we will know a lot more about his future on the program.