‘One Chicago’: How Long Will Hiatus Over Olympic Break Last?

by Jacklyn Krol
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One Chicago is taking a hiatus for quite some time.

With the 2022 Winter Olympics on the horizon, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire are on hiatus.

The three shows in the One Chicago sphere are now officially on break due to the upcoming games. The Bejing Games will take place between February 4 through 20. So when will the shows return? Fans will have to wait until February 23. Chicago Med will air at 7 PM CT, followed by Chicago Fire at 8 PM, and Chicago PD at 9 PM.

All three series were left on cliffhangers with romances budding. Chicago Med left off with Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Stevie Hammer seemed to be getting cozy. To his surprise, Hammer revealed that she is in the process of being divorced. Meanwhile, Dr. Crockett Marcel and Dr. Pamela Blake are on again off again. While they kissed during the winter finale she did not want to go out with him for a drink. It ended with her asking him to take her home after the big surgery debacle.

Meanwhile, on Fire, Lieutenant Kelly Severide finally put a ring on his fiancee, Lieutenant Stella Kidd. Fans are more than ready for a wedding between these two fan favorites. Additionally, Violet Mikami & Chief Hawkins kissed at the gala after the tense hospitalization. How will this play out with his rank as her boss?

Finally, on PD, Officer Kim Burgess and Officer Adam Ruzek are living together. Will the exes get back together? Additionally, Detective Jay Halstead and Detective Hailey Upton tied the knot. What will their new life look like as a married couple on the job? Will they discuss all of the secrets that they’ve been keeping from one another?

A ‘One Chicago’ Return?

Chicago Med star Brian Tee spoke about his character Ethan Choi and his time back in the series.

Tee previously took a break from the show this season to film The Expats. The plot had Dr. Choi recovering from a gunshot wound from an unstable patient. While he was on the mend and mostly out of the season, he assured that his character is returning full time. Fans will also recall that Yaya DaCosta, who played Nurse April Sexton, his love interest, left the show last season. Tee spoke about what the departure meant for his character and One Chicago.

“Can you ever really move on from April?” Tee questioned to TV Insider. “They were so close and both truly loved one another, so I don’t think that ever goes away… Certainly not in TV relationships. So I’m gonna say yeah, they are in contact.”

In terms of DaCosta’s potential return, he could not hint either way.

“That’s up to Yaya,” he expressed. “I think the fans would love it as would I. She and my wife are dear friends as are we, so for personal reasons, it would just be a lot of fun.”