One ‘Chicago Med’ Star Almost Starred on ‘Chicago PD’ Instead: Here’s Why

by Jacklyn Krol
Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images

Could you imagine a Chicago Med favorite acting on Chicago PD instead?

Actress Marlyne Barrett, who plays Maggie Lockwood, the head charge nurse in the emergency department of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, almost was on PD.

Barrett took a hiatus from acting after a personal trauma. When she returned, she joined American Crime. After that, Dick Wolf came knocking to join the Wolf pack. Wolf was a creator that she has always admired throughout her career.

“Wolf Films is what we call the Wolf Pack. It had always been one of my dreams to work with Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski,” she told Talk Nerdy With Us. However, she was first set to join PD.

“It’s a combination of what I call a divine appointment in time, what I call a kairos time, and just destiny opening up,” she explained. “Because I don’t know how they knew I was available. I had auditioned for some spots on Chicago P.D., but by no means did they know I was available for full time, let alone for full-time as a charge nurse and ready to move to Chicago. They had as much faith as I did.”

It all happened because of the audition. Surprisingly, it seemingly didn’t have anything to do with her background as completing a nursing degree.

“I was on their radar for a job on P.D. and they pulled the offer,” she recalled. “They said, “No, we want you full-time on Med.” That happened within a span of three days. Within three days I was told I was relocating to Chicago for an undetermined amount of time.”

‘Chicago Med’ Process

The creators of Chicago Med ended up calling her on a Wednesday or Thursday over Labor Day Weekend. Then by Sunday, she was on a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago. By Tuesday, she was on the set of her first medical series. Meanwhile, her husband was hosting their annual Labor Day party at home.

“It was meeting so many different people, the locations, everything,” she explained. “Everything about the Wolf Pack team, because Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. already had their crews there and they just embraced us and made it feel like home. It was easy, an easy transition.”

Despite not joining PD as a series regular, she did join the One Chicago universe. She has since appeared on both PD and Fire as guest spots as Nurse Maggie.