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‘One Chicago’: One Character Makes the Jump Between All Series

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Dick Wolf’s NBC franchise, “One Chicago,” boasts a broad fanbase. Its flagship series, “Chicago Fire,” continues to successfully navigate its way through season 10, proving the universe thrives within the network. What further heightens the franchise’s success is the frequency with which the universe’s characters jump between shows. Several frequently transition from “Chicago Fire” over to “Chicago PD” then on to “Chicago Med” and back. However, only a handful of characters have featured prominently in all three of the series. That’s series star, Marina Squerciati.

Squerciati has played Officer Kim Burgess since the pilot episode of “Chicago PD.” As fans know, her character’s evolution has contributed greatly to the direction of the show.

However, Looper reminds us Burgess has made the jump over to “Fire” and “Med” several times. As per IMDb, Squerciati’s most recent appearance on “Chicago Fire” took place in 2020, during the season nine episode, “Rattle Second City.” As for “Chicago Med,” the actress made an appearance much more recently, showing up just last week during the episode, “What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You.”

Again, these are only the most recent Marina Squerciati appearances taking place across the breadth of the series’ universe. However, long-time fans have surely seen Officer Kim Burgess and her colleagues cross between series multiple times.

‘One Chicago’ Star Auditioned for ‘Chicago Fire,’ Landed Role in ‘Chicago PD’

We’ve seen numerous character crossovers throughout the entirety of the Dick Wolf-produced franchise. That said, it makes sense some cast members got their starring roles auditioning for parts in the franchise’s other series.

Take actor, LaRoyce Hawkins, for example. Hawkins joined the cast of “Chicago PD” in 2014 and has remained a prominent Intelligence officer ever since.

However, prior to starring on “Chicago PD,” the Atwater actor initially auditioned for a role on another of the series.

A year after getting cast as Kevin Atwater, Hawkins revealed how he got his start within the franchise. During the interview he revealed that while his interest was peaked by the in-progress “Chicago Fire” character, writers changed the race of the character, putting Hawkins out of the role.

However, it wasn’t long before Hawkins found his home within the franchise. The actor shared that once he earned his role on the series, writers actually molded the Kevin Atwater character around Hawkins. The change came as showrunners learned Hawkins was a native of Harvey, Illinois, just south of the series’ forerunning city.

From there, the actor was able to provide “an organic kind of element to the role.”

So while we can’t be sure which “Chicago Fire” role Hawkins had tried out for, we’re more than happy to keep him over on “PD.”