One ‘Chicago PD’ Star Has Never Made the Jump to ‘Chicago Med’

by Shelby Scott

NBC‘s “One Chicago” trilogy is iconic for its numerous crossovers throughout the years. In the past, we’ve seen “Chicago PD” stars head over to “Chicago Fire” during arson investigations. Meanwhile, “Chicago Fire” cast members have responded to bomb threats over on “Chicago Med.” However, despite the various opportunities, one of our “Chicago PD” stars has never made it over to “Chicago Med.”

If you’re a longtime “One Chicago” fan like myself, then you might remember “Chicago PD” alum John Seda. The actor played the character of Detective Antonio Dawson. The former cast member joined the “One Chicago” crew back in 2012 over on “Chicago Fire.” He then joined the series spin-off that became “Chicago PD.” The character was also iconic for his role as paramedic Gabby Dawnson’s brother.

Seda spent an impressive six seasons starring in the show, making the occasional crossover with “Chicago Fire.” However, he interestingly never made it onto “Chicago Med.”

According to Looper, there wasn’t any particular reason as to why the actor never headed over to “Chicago Med.” In speaking with Starry Constellation Magazine prior to his departure from “Chicago PD,” Seda said, “I haven’t done a ‘Chicago Med’ yet. I just think the whole cast is incredible…They just make the whole thing look so easy.”

So apparently, an appearance on “Chicago Med” was potentially daunting for the “Chicago PD” actor. Although, we nevertheless miss Seda on all three of the “One Chicago” shows.

‘Chicago PD’ Star Had Fans Worried About a Potential Departure

Speaking of departed “Chicago PD” cast members, this season has been quite a ride for fan-favorite character Jay Halstead. The last several episodes have seen the character butting heads with the unit’s sergeant, Hank Voight. Now, it appears things won’t be resolvable any time soon.

As we prepare for the next episode of “Chicago PD,” Jay Halstead actor Jesse Lee Soffer has fans worried he may depart the show.

In an Instagram post regarding last week’s episode, Soffer wrote, “Tonight opens up a whole can of worms,” that we’re sure will continue to have a role in the upcoming episode. “Who knows where it goes from here?” he continued, adding, “Where are my die hard PD fans at, you ready for this stuff?!”

Fortunately, One Chicago Center assured us that it doesn’t appear as though the “Chicago PD” star plans to leave. Nevertheless, his character has been dealing with an onslaught of emotional and mental trauma. This regards both his military past as well as his coping with Upton and Voight’s murder coverup.

Now, if this week promises to be as exhilarating and intense as the last few episodes of “Chicago PD” have been, who only knows what will ensue next.