‘One Chicago’: Reflecting on the Halstead Brother’s Worst Mistakes

by Shelby Scott

Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise is iconic across television for its pursuit of justice and duty. That said, that honorable pursuit often leaves fans feeling positive regarding the cast members portraying our favorite first responders. Further, justice and duty are often the driving force behind many positive scenes and episodes within the three sister series. However, it also often gets one pair of brothers in trouble. Now, we have an opportunity to reflect on the Halstead brothers’ worst mistakes as “One Chicago” remains on midseason hiatus.

The Halstead brothers star on two separate shows as Outsiders well know. Jay stars on “Chicago PD” and Will frontlines over on “Chicago Med.” Together, the pair have had ample opportunity for mistakes over the years. Looper gives us a look back at some of the pair’s most iconic blunders.

Early on in “Chicago Med,” Halstead maintained care over a patient who had signed a “Do Not Resuscitate” order. The directive is surely hard for medical personnel to endure, especially as they have the skills to keep their patients alive. However, disregarding that order typically serves as means for a lawsuit.

Unfortunately for our “Chicago Med” star, that was the exact result when Will disregarded the order and resuscitated the individual. In the end, Will dealt out a significant amount of funds following his disregard for the order.

‘Chicago PD’s’ Halstead Mistake Ends with Fatal Consequence

Meanwhile, over on “Chicago PD,” Will’s brother Jay previously faced similarly troublesome problems. Although he had fatal repercussions.

In speaking to the Halstead brothers’ mistakes, Looper reminded “One Chicago” fans of the time Jay unintentionally killed an innocent bystander.

As Outsiders might recall, Jay has a long history with the military, in addition to his nine seasons serving in Chicago’s police department. With that, a season five episode of “Chicago PD” saw Jay reliving guilt from his time in the military when he and the rest of the unit get pinned down in a firefight.

The outlet briefly sums the episode as it’s been a while since “One Chicago” fans have caught this particular incident. As the outlet states, the unit is tied down as bullets rain everywhere amid the latest bust. During the firefight, a stray bullet penetrates a young girl nearby the incident, ultimately sending her to the hospital.

While the incident is surely traumatic, Jay is told it’s possible the little girl will pull through. However, in the end, the “Chicago PD” officer receives disheartening news after he learns, not only was it his bullet that struck the little girl. It sadly proved fatal.

The outlet lists several other examples of the Halstead brothers’ worst mistakes. However, the above two surely prove to be some of the most dramatic. Head on over to the site to read about the remainder of the brothers’ worst mistakes.