‘One Chicago’ Stars Once Play Hilarious Game of ‘Most Likely To’

by Megan Molseed

Each week, we see our favorite One Chicago players put themselves in a variety of dangerous scenarios. Going face to face with some harrowing situations.

Whether it be catching criminals on Chicago PD, making some major medical decisions on Chicago Med, or running into some dangerous situations in Chicago Fire, the cast of the popular franchise is always leaving us at the edge of our seats, with our adrenaline flowing. Leaving us to feel as if we are part of what is happening on our screens.

Over the years, the teams within the popular NBC One Chicago franchise have come face to face with some pretty major events. From deadly and dangerous accidents to major power outages that thrust the entire city into chaos, fans of any of the popular NBC shows know that there is never a dull moment among the cast and characters of the shows.

The Chicago Med, PD, and Fire teams are always up for a challenge. TV Guide wanted to find out who in the cast is “most likely to…”

In a hilarious 2019 video, TV Guide asks members of the casts some intriguing and very unique questions. Deciding who among their costars is most likely to end up in unforgettable scenarios. You can catch the hilarious video below.

As we can see in the TV Guide interview, fans can see some of their favorite players as they all take part in the hilarious antics. Deciding who, among the casts is more likely to find themselves dealing with a variety of scenarios.

‘One Chicago’ Stars Answer Some Interesting Questions

The clip includes comments from Chicago Med stars Nick Gehlfuss, and Yaya DaCosta; Chicago Fire players Jesse Spencer, and Miranda Rae Mayo; and Chicago PD’s Tracy Spiridakos, and LaRoyce Hawkins.

These questions include asking members of the popular franchise who they think is most likely to contract an infectious disease (David Eigenberg seems to have received the most votes); who is most likely to find themselves in a “steamy love triangle;” or who, among the One Chicago teams would be the most likely to enter a burning building to retrieve their cell phone.

The results are hilarious. And, throughout the clips, we learn that David Eigenberg is generally up for almost anything. Additionally, the And Just Like That actor is also known among the One Chicago cast for his daredevil antics.

We also learned that Chicago Med’s Marlyne Barrett thinks Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney looks like a “candy bar.”

“He looks like a candy bar,” exclaims the actress in the hilarious TV Guide clip. “The dude is like, delicious!”