One ‘CSI’ Episode Gave Fans the Creeps

by Taylor Cunningham

CSI fans think the season 13 finale went a little too far with the creep factor.

The team on Crime Scene Investigation dealt with a lot of heavy crimes during its 15-year run on CBS. In every episode, Grissom and his crew had to track down at least one heinous killer and investigate a brutal crime scene or two along the way.

Usually, the murderers committed their crimes for personal reasons. Sometimes their partners cheated—or maybe a million-dollar business deal went sideways. But it was rare for CSI to portray a killer who simply killed for the fun of it.

However, the series went against its own status quo for a 2013 episode titled Skin in the Game. In fact, the story was so disturbing that many fans wondered how someone even thought up the plotline.

In the story, a handful of people associated with the Las Vegas gambling industry were found dead in various places around Sin City. But the victims weren’t just dumped by a villain in a rush so they could flee the scene. Instead, the killer took their time staging the bodies in complex poses that were inspired by drawings in Dante’s Inferno.

Initially, the team suspected that there were multiple killers on the loose. But they soon realized that they had a serial killer on their hands.

In most CSI episodes, audiences only had to look at one terrifying corpse. But during Skin in the Game, people watched as the team found body after body. And each crime scene was noticeably more upsetting and twisted than the last.

So while more unsettling episodes followed before the series bid farewell in 2015, the season 13 finale definitely took the cake for the most disturbing CSI episode of all.

One Major Star Will Not Return for Season Two of ‘CSI’ Reboot

CSI: Vegas has been renewed for a second season. But one of the old-school investigators won’t be continuing with the series.

The CSI reboot premiered on CBS in October. And fans were excited to watch Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle return to the team. The show was such a success that the network ordered a second season early than usual.

But while the team will officially continue to solve crimes in Sin City, it will have to do so without one of its major stars, Gil Grissom. Because his actor, William Petersen, has decided to retire his role. Though, he will continue to serve as a CSI: Vegas executive producer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Petersen only intended to reprise his role for the show’s premiere season, which closed on December 8th.

And so far, Jorja Fox, who plays his on-screen wife, has not decided if she will return with the cast next year.