One ‘Seinfeld’ Star Faced On-Set Issue Thanks to Popular Classic Film

by Michael Freeman

Seinfeld is as classic a television show as Jurassic Park is a movie. A certain actor happened to be working on both projects at once, and a problem on Jurassic Park’s set made shooting Seinfeld more difficult.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Wayne Knight is the actor in question, playing Newman in Seinfeld and Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park. You may be wondering how his involvement in the latter affected Seinfeld, but the story is actually quite funny. If you can recall his bitter end in the film, the answer will make sense. After the Dilophosaurus spat on him, it created serious makeup issues since it stained everything.

ABC News released some behind-the-scenes moments about Jurassic Park in 2018 when the film turned 25. One of the facts came from Wayne Knight himself. Seinfeld was still in full swing as the film was being recorded. Knight’s character is eaten by a Dilophosaurus, but not before it spits a sticky, purple liquid onto his face and shirt. To the actor’s surprise, the spit stained both him and the shirt, proving difficult to remove.

“One night, I went back to shoot a Seinfeld [episode] and I came back while we were shooting Jurassic [Park], and I said, ‘You know when you did the thing with the spitter?’ They go, ‘Yeah.’ [I said] ‘It kind of dyed my face purple.’ He [dinosaur creator] goes, ‘Yeah, it’ll do that,’” Knight said. “So there was a make-up problem going back to TV, we had to like cover the spot … and they basically said, ‘Don’t blink, because we’ll do it again.’

Oh, the humanity!

One ‘Seinfeld’ Blooper was so Good it Made it Into an Episode

Many shows and movies offer blooper reels and to make you laugh and display actors fumbling or forgetting their lines. However, in some cases, the blooper ends up being what was originally intended. This happened to be the case in a Seinfeld episode. It ended up being so funny the show kept it in the actual episode.

If you’re familiar with the show, you may remember an episode from the third season, “The Parking Garage.” All four main characters go to a department store to shop and nothing seems to go right for them. Besides their own individual problems there, no one can remember where they parked the car. After finally getting in, Kramer attempts to start the car, but it doesn’t budge.

Originally, they were supposed to drive away and that would be it. The car not starting was completely unplanned, Looper reported. The series regulars bow their heads in what seems to be exasperation, but really, they’re all stifling their laughter. The ad-libbing was so funny and on point, the producers decided to go keep it.