‘Ozark’: Jason Bateman Roles to Watch on Netflix Ahead of Season 4 Release

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you’re like us, you’re waiting desperately for the fourth season of “Ozark” to release. The show will release in two parts and the first will drop on Netflix on January 21. The other 14 episodes will drop sometime later in 2022.

Jason Bateman stars in the popular series alongside Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, and Julia Garner.

While “Ozark” is one of Bateman’s most popular and notable roles, it’s certainly not his only project available to stream on Netflix. Here’s a compilation of some of Jason Bateman’s other roles you can binge-watch ahead of “Ozark” season four.

Other Jason Bateman Roles Available on Netflix

In “Ozark,” Jason Bateman plays a new breed of character. He’s dark, yet calm and complicated all at once.

Earlier in his career, Bateman took on several comedy roles. One of which was in the show “Arrested Development.” He played the long-lasting role of Michael Bluth on the show. This show aired on TV from 2003 to 2006 and was then revived by Netflix in 2013 for two additional seasons.

He stars in this comedic role alongside other iconic comedic actors like Alia Shawkat, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Jessica Walter, and David Cross. You can watch all five seasons, specifically the level-headed and hilarious Michael Bluth, on Netflix.

Jason Bateman has done a lot more than just TV roles, too. His movie “Thunder Force,” directed by Ben Falcone, is also on Netflix. The movie is about two scientifically engineered superheroes that take on a group of deadly villains. Bateman plays Jerry the Crab. He turns to crime after growing claws from radiation exposure. His character is hilarious, yet also pretty heartwarming.

It’s no question that Jason Bateman has pretty expansive acting abilities. He can go from drama to dark to comedy to even romantic. His 2022 romantic comedy movie “The Sweetest Thing” is a good example of his romantic skills. He stars as Roger in the movie alongside his brother Peter (played by Thomas Jane).

It’s one of his earlier roles, but it’s also a good example of his skills as the ultimate romantic sidekick.

Why is ‘Ozark’ Getting Split in Two

Usually, one of the biggest draws for TV series on Netflix is that the entire season gets released at once. This allows people to watch the season as quickly or as slowly as possible.

Now, the fourth and final season is getting split into two parts. You’ll still get plenty of content during that first round, but not the conclusion of “Ozark.” So, why is it the season is getting split into two?

“We always thought five [seasons] was the outside number. It just felt like after that – we didn’t want to repeat ourselves, we didn’t want the show to feel like it was continuing because it was a TV show and it had to continue. So really the decision has always been between is it four [seasons] or is it five [seasons], and then Netflix hit upon the idea of saying, ‘We’ll do four but we’ll make it long and split it in this way,’ and that felt perfect,” the showrunner Chris Mundy said to TheWrap.