‘Ozark’: Meet Season 4’s New Villain

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Ozark Season 4 is fast approaching. In fact, Part 1 of the final season debuts on Netflix on Friday. The final season will be split into two parts in 2022. A teaser trailer for this season has already been released. One of the biggest questions heading into the final season is what the Byrdes are going to do now with Omar Novarro and his crew? How does it all work? Well, throw another wild card into the fray with Javi Elizonndro, who plays the nephew in the family and is played by Alfonso Herrera.

What’s his role on the show going to be and how is Javi going to influence the Byrdes’ choices as they try to extricate themselves from the situation and finally get their family out of there?

Alfonso Herrera on ‘Ozark’

Herrera spoke with EW about his role on the program this season. He said, “I was a fan of the show, and I’m still a fan of the show, because, until Jan. 21st, I can consider myself a fan of the show. [Laughs] I was one of the first people waiting for Ozark; I watched the original three seasons when they came out.” He was a fan. Herrera concluded, “I loved the performances of Jason, Laura, and Julia [Garner], they were brilliant.”

Herrera revealed to EW that he was already a fan of the show before his casting. Now, he is on one of his favorite shows and gets to work with all of these actors he respects and admires.

He continued, “What I really like about the show is that, yes, it talks about money laundering, drug trafficking, et cetera, but it positions the responsibility not just in the south. It creates a more global responsibility. That is something that I really, really admire about this show. And I remember not so long ago I watched this show called ZeroZeroZero, that you can see the interaction of how this business works in different parts of the world. On one side, that.”

Working with Jason Bateman And Chris Mundy

Herrera likes that the show takes on a global approach. It’s not just limited to Ozark and everything going on in that area. You get to see everything and how it all works and finds itself in the community.

He concluded, “On the other side, obviously, the great choices that [showrunner] Chris Mundy did and took since Day 1, and also the amazing sensibility that Jason has. Going back a little bit to the first question, having the possibility to work with Jason, having the possibility to be with him on-set and really seeing how he deconstructs and how he really knows this story is mind-blowing. So I consider myself a very lucky guy.”

Having Jason Bateman around with Mundy makes it all work. They know where to go and he loves being a part of such a special project.