Ozzy Osbourne Catches Santa in Festive Christmas Photo

by Amanda Glover

Well, that’s one way Ozzy Osbourne chooses to hold onto the holidays.

Some people love the holidays so much that they do whatever is necessary to keep them in their clutches. British singer, Ozzy Osbourne, proves that in a recent Twitter photo. In the photo, the 73-year-old musician holds on tightly to Santa Claus while flashing a funny, yet menacing smile. Santa Claus looks to the heavens for help as Osbourne appears to be celebrating his victory. Or maybe he’s trying to call his lovely reindeer for assistance. Due to their size, many can guess Osbourne would be no match to eight angry reindeer.

Sorry, Santa. It looks like you’ll be spending the rest of Christmas with the Osbournes. Hopefully, the reindeer can find ways to entertain themselves on the roof while Ozzy attempts to make you feel at home. Maybe he’ll offer you one of his Christmas sweaters as a thank you for spending Christmas with the Osbourne’s. Maybe he’ll help you relax by playing some of his greatest hits. So, either Osbourne’s house was Santa’s last stop on the list last night, or millions of sad Christmas lovers will be without presents this year? Guess we’ll have to see.

Osborne’s post reads: “I caught him! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All.” Fans responded to the post by wishing the star a Merry Christmas with a handful of holiday emojis. Even they don’t seem too concerned for Santa’s well-being.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Rock and Roll Christmas Decoration

Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year, many holiday lovers are excited to break out the Christmas decorations. These often include wreaths, multi-colored lights, poinsettias, the all-important Christmas tree, stockings, mistletoe, and more. But for hard-core Rock and Roll and metal fans, Ozzy Osbourne shares a personalized Yule Log featuring Ozzy’s classics.

Can you imagine curling up by a “fireplace” on this magical day while Ozzy Osbourne belts out “Diary of a Madman”, “Ultimate Sin”, “Crazy Train”, and “No More Tears”? You can? Good. Because fans of the rock star can now share that luxury.

This Yule Log lasts just over an hour for those who’d rather rock out to Osbourne than sing along to classic Christmas songs. Fans can even listen to the crackling of the fire in the background.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Crazy Train!