Ozzy Osbourne is ‘Getting Ready for the Holidays’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his 73rd birthday. Now that’s a lot of trips around the sun. The internet rallied behind the icon to celebrate the decades upon decades that he’s been thrilling and terrifying audiences all over the world alike.

The Prince of Darkness is extending those celebrations as we welcome the Christmas spirit together. The rocker blessed us with his Blizzard of Ozzy Yule Log last week, and now we have an epic throwback photo to add to your Ozzy shrine too.

Behold, a Black Sabbath fan’s ideal Santa:

Between the potentially rabid rabbit and Ozzy’s old hair, there’s a lot going on in the photo. “Getting ready for the holidays,” Ozzy Osbourne calls it. We’ll bet that means he’s busy making his naughty or nice list right now as we speak. And you already know he’s going to “check it twice” later…

But who made this year’s cut?

Ozzy Osbourne’s Unofficial Naughty vs. Nice List

When it comes to families that stick together through thick and thin, you can always count on the Osbournes. That’s why Ozzy’s family probably tops his Nice List this year. Sharon recently shared a sweet nostalgic throwback photo of their children with Ozzy on stage from when they were younger and it doesn’t look like much has changed. Apparently, baby goats might also make an appearance on the Nice List with the Prince of Darkness having a special affinity for them.

If we had to hazard a guess about what his Naughty list looks like, we’re guessing “The Talk” might be on there. That’s because Sharon Osbourne’s exit from the show was a little messy, to say the least. A surprising addition to the list, though, might be Elvis. Apparently, Osbourne saw him once and wasn’t all that impressed

Snag a Last-Minute Ugly Christmas Sweater

Holiday parties at work can be a fun time, but what do you wear? If you’re racking your closet and just can’t seem to find any good Ugly Christmas Sweater contenders, the good news is that Black Sabbath has you covered. They tweeted out a photo of their latest merch release and a link to all the details.

Check it out:

The “Black Sabbath Holiday Sweaters” are a little pricey and will set you back about $75. However, for fans of the band who want to show off their Ozzy Osbourne appreciation while also taking part in the holidays, that’s nothing.

The elaborate design includes Ozzy in all his Prince of Darkness glory along with the band’s logo and signature crosses throughout the garment.