Ozzy Osbourne Tried and Failed 18 Times Before Finally Getting His Driver’s License

by Hannah Heser

If you’ve ever had to take the driver’s test at the DMV, you know it can be quite difficult. I mean, even the legendary Ozzy Osbourne struggled to get his license.

Yesterday, the Stern Show Twitter account shared a fun fact about Ozzy with their followers. In the caption of the post, the station said, “It took @OzzyOsbourne 19 tries before he finally got his driver’s license. “There were two occasions the guy wouldn’t get in the f**king car with me,” he told Howard.

“Check out more today on #Sternthology http://siriusxm.us/sternthology,” they added.

Check out the post here:

The Interview With Ozzy Osbourne on His Attempts to Get the Driver’s License

In the clip, Howard Stern introduces Ozzy Osbourne with a huge congratulations.

“Ozzy deserves congratulations. But do you know this fact? In 2009, Ozzy got his driver’s license after 19 attempts! 19 driver’s tests!”

Ozzy told Stern that he went to his driver’s test high. “I would suggest you don’t try driving a vehicle high,” he laughed.

Afterward, he admitted that he got nervous for the test and it sounded like a good idea at the time.

“If you would only have videotaped all of your driving tests, it would probably be one of the most successful things,” Stern said.

Once he finally passed, he said he actually showed up sober to hit the open road. Towards the end of the interview, Ozzy mentioned that he drove everywhere after that.

“Yeah, but not very far,” Ozzy said.

Stern’s assistant asked if he drove in the states and England. Then without hesitation, Ozzy said, “Yeah.” Although he struggles with his right and left at times. But no one is a perfect driver.

Ozzy Accidentally Shared a Scam Site

Everybody makes mistakes, even Ozzy Osbourne.

Recently, Ozzy announced the release of CryptoBatz, but something didn’t go right along the way. One of the members of his team shared a link on the official Twitter page, but it ended up being a scam. As a result, the improper link sent lots of followers to phishing sites causing them to lose money. Ozzy is losing dozens of followers over this messy situation.

For those of you who don’t know what CryptoBatz is, listen up. It’s a series of more than 9,000 digital bat NFTs that represent Ozzy’s music and style.

An employee from Sutter Systems expressed deep apologies for this unfortunate situation.

“Although we feel very sorry for the people that have fallen prey to these scams, we cannot take responsibility for the actions of scammers exploiting Discord, a platform that we have absolutely no control over.”