Ozzy Osbourne Wishes You ‘Happy Holidays’ in the Most Ozzy Way Possible

by Jonathan Howard

While he may be the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne can still celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. He shared a spooky and festive message today.

When you think about Ozzy, Christmas is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. He is much more of a Halloween-type guy. Throughout the years, the singer has taken some great photos showing off his scary persona as an artist and tying it in with the holiday.

Fans love the goofy and fun pictures that Ozzy has taken throughout his career. It takes the dark themes of his music and stage personality and lightens the mood of it. The singer has never taken himself too seriously, and this Twitter post proves that.

As you might expect, the British teeth jokes rolled in almost immediately. The photoshop is a funny image to share with fans and followers as the holiday approaches later this week. Those vampire teeth look pretty gnarly and this is back when Ozzy might have had his best hairstyle.

Of course, there was a frenzy of well wishes and holiday messages back to the singer. At 73 years old, Ozzy has slowed things down a bit. Some of that is his own decision, and some of that is due to health reasons. However, any time we get a vintage Ozzy pic and a little message from the Prince of Darkness it just makes our days a little better.

December is a pretty good month for Osbourne. Not only is the holiday season here to bring friends and family together, but it is also his birth month. The rock icon has had a lot to celebrate in the last few weeks. He’s been giving fans lots to celebrate as well.

Tune into the Ozzy Osbourne Yule Log

This year, when you have friends and family over for parties and celebrations, don’t just put any old yule log video on the TV. You have seen them. A fireplace burns with a giant log and there is Christmas music playing and it makes everything cozy and festive. Well, Ozzy Osbourne has you covered with a much better alternative.

You can check out Ozzy Osbourne’s Yule Log during the holidays and it will provide you with all of the holiday cheer, coziness, and darkness that you crave this time of year. This is for those metal fans that want to get a little cheery but don’t want to take off their black t-shirts even for the family Christmas card.

The video lasts over an hour and features 13 tracks from throughout his catalog. So, there is likely going to be something for everyone. The holidays are for celebrating and with this new video, there will be a different way to do things this year.