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Pamela Anderson Opens Up About Her Short-Lived Marriage to Kid Rock

by Samantha Whidden
Pamela Anderson Kid Rock
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage for VH-1 Channel - New York)

More than 15 years after she and Kid Rock called it quits for good, Pamela Anderson opens up about her short-lived marriage to the musician. 

During her appearance on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday (January 25th), Anderson spoke about her famous relationships over the years. When Howard asked about the moment she realized things weren’t going to work out with Kid Rock, the former Baywatch star had no problem sharing her thoughts. 

“Right when I got married,” Pamela declared about the moment with a laugh. She then spoke about how she and her first husband Tommy Lee had an incredible connection. Something that she and Kid Rock apparently didn’t have. “But then you jump into something and it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not this incredible connection, it’s just something else.’Then I slowly try to make my way out.”

Although she’s currently single, Pamela Anderson doesn’t seem to mind it. “This last year I’ve been alone and it’s been a really incredible year for me,” she explained. The actress also said she’s been going through, looking, and reflecting on her life. “I mean, like you have to be able to be alone too before you can with somebody else, so I feel like I’m just kind of growing up right now. It’s taken a long time.” 

Following her short-lived marriage to Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson went on to marry Rick Salomon from 2007 to 2008 and again from 2014 to 2015. She then married Jon Peters in 2020 before calling it quits the same year. Her latest marriage was to her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst which started shortly after Peters. She filed for divorce in 2022. 

Kid Rock Divorced Pamela Anderson When She Openly Criticized His Mother and Sister In Front of His Son 

In October 2007, Kid Rock stated that he decided to divorce Pamela Anderson because she openly criticized both his mother and sister in front of his son, who was a teenager at the time. 

“It had stuff to do with the pre-up and the post-up,” Kid Rock said about the comments. “It had stuff to do with lying to me.”

Kid Rock further explained that he saw the comments starting to affect his son. That’s when he decided enough was enough. “You know, I had uprooted everything that I had known to do everything I could for her. I moved from Michigan, a small town. I bought a house in Malibu.”

Kid Rock then said that he uprooted his son, who he raised as a single father in Michigan for 14 years, and put him in Malibu High School. “All these things.”

When he saw the impact of Anderson’s words, Kid Rock added that he took a step back and reflected on his relationship with the actress. “I was like, ‘Un-nnh. That’s it. And that’s the morning I filed for divorce.”