Pants on Fire: ‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton Has Close Call Filming Music Video

by Hannah Heser

One of the top coaches on “The Voice,” Blake Shelton, experienced an accident while filming his new music video. The hit song, Come Back as a Country Boy, is the song he chose to make the music video with. And it debuts on his newly released record, Body Language.

During the making of the music video, Blake Shelton experienced something he didn’t expect to happen. Four days ago, he posted a clip on Instagram to explain what exactly happened.

“So we’re down here in what I call the main part of the video, which is me coming up out of the fire,” Shelton said. “It is real one hundred percent real by the way.”

When people ask him what something they don’t know about him is, he can now say he’s been on fire. As a matter of fact, he’s one of the only ones that can shake it off like nothing happened.

“If you saw me almost catch on fire… you didn’t. #ComeBackAsACountryBoy,” he wrote as the caption.

Besides the danger behind the music video, I believe this was a clever idea. And fans are going to enjoy every minute of it.

How Blake Shelton Felt in this Situation

Yahoo reported that Shelton later admits the experience with fire was actually very uncomfortable for him.

In order to get the perfect shot, Shelton positioned himself right by the fire, which happened to be a little too close. And that’s when the accident occurred.

Meanwhile, as the fire heats up, so do Shelton’s pants. In a recent interview, Yahoo reported him saying, “there’s only so much we can do with CGI, and we really did have to light the fire to make the video look as real as possible. We were able to shoot for seconds at a time before I was finally like, ‘Hold up! Oh my God. I’m dying of this heat. Cool off time.’ Because the gigantic fire behind me was rough.”

After all the pain Shelton went through, he got back up and tried again.

Blake’s Announcement For His Arrival at a Festival in San Diego Next Year

Get ready, Blake Shelton fans! While he’s taking the rest of the year to recover from the fire, he’ll be making his way to San Diego soon after! That’s right. He’s going to San Diego’s “Boots in the Park” festival in 2022. He’ll be performing his brand new country album live for the first time. Accompanying him is another well-known country music artist, Brett Young.

Nevertheless, these artists always know how to have a good time, and their music is some of the best.

The event is 21 and older, and you can purchase tickets at