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Paul Newman’s Suped Up 1988 Volvo Up For Auction

by Joe Rutland
paul newman photo
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Actor Paul Newman loved cars and that translated into buying and working on a 1988 Volvo to the max while he was alive. Newman looked to be in love with the 740 wagon’s looks. He purchased a solid example of this car back in 1988. But he must have felt the Volvo was down on power.

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The engine was swapped out for a 3.8-liter boosted V6 that was taken from a Buick Grand National. What resulted out of doing this is a beast of a car. It’s putting power to the ground thanks to a Borg Warner five-speed transmission. This car is now for sale of Bring-A-Trailer. The RWD Volvo that was owned by Paul Newman turns out to be a burnout machine.

Paul Newman Made Some Modifications To This Volvo While He Had It

There are other modifications within the Volvo, too. Those done while Newman owned the car included a tune on the V6 engine and a new custom exhaust system. Also, there are improvements to the Volvo’s cooling system and a limited-slip differential. Additional visual modifications include lower springs, 16-inch Gemini wheels, and an Aero-style body kit.

Additional changes have been done since the current owner picked up Newman’s car in 2017. Most of them are maintenance-related changes. Recent work includes putting in a new clutch, fuel injectors, and some refreshed suspension components, The Drive reports.

A listing from 1997 or 1998, when the car was previously sold, said its engine puts out 320 horsepower. The asking price back then was $25,000. Today, it’s bound to go for a little more. The Volvo is listed for sale outside of Chicago. The current bid on it is $25,000. That’s the same amount that it was sold for just before the year 2000 hit. Two days remain on the auction, though. The Volvo is in good shape. This is Bring a Trailer here. So. there just might be some weird rich guys waiting in the wings to try and get a little piece of Paul Newman’s car history.

Actor Had A Passion Around Giving Back To Others In Need

Meanwhile, Newman also was known for his philanthropic ways. Clea Newman, his daughter, talked about this part of his life. “He really wanted to make a difference and give back,” she said to PEOPLE. Paul Newman founded the SeriousFun Children’s Network. It’s made up of camps and programs for children facing life-threatening illnesses. “He went very deep with the camps. We now have 30 camps and programs all over the world. Last year (2021), we served 150,000 children and their families, all free of charge. It’s an incredible thing that he started.”