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Pauly Shore Sends Good Vibes to ‘Encino Man’ Co-stars Brendan Fraser, Ke Huy Quan Ahead of Oscars

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Ron Palmer/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Comedian Pauly Shore is wishing the best for his Encino Man co-stars Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan at the Oscars. Both actors are nominees for Oscars on Sunday. Encino Man came out in 1992. Fraser played a frozen caveman that Shore’s character, Stony Brown, finds in his backyard and brings him back to life. Fraser is in the Best Actor category for his work in The Whale. Quan is in the Best Supporting Actor category for Everything Everywhere All at Once.

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“It’s quite remarkable,” Shore said in a message that aired on Friday’s edition of Good Morning America. “It’s an insane story… what a comeback! It’s almost like they were in Encino Man, they defogged them and they’re coming back to life. Anyways, I’m gonna binge-watch the movie this weekend, Encino Man, simultaneously watching to see who’s gonna take home the award. Congratulations, guys! Good luck, fellas!” Shore blew them a kiss, too, Yahoo reports.

Pauly Shore Said ‘Talent Wins’ Regarding His ‘Encino Man’ Co-Stars

Shore put up a heartfelt post on Twitter. It included a link to an interview he had done with Slate, in which he offered even more support. “I’m not surprised, because at the end of the day, talent wins,” Shore said. “Brendan was just so fortunate that this director went in there and knighted him and hit him in the head with a little pixie dust or whatever, and Brendan stepped up, and he had the emotion and he had the layers and he became this character. And I’m very proud of him.

“Both of the guys are — all their heart comes out in these characters,” Shore said. “And that’s what it’s really about, is connecting with people with your heart. And they both accomplished it. So, whether they win, whether they don’t win, they’ve already won to me, because they did great work.”

Shore was asked in the Slate interview what he saw in Encino Man that is comparable to Fraser’s work in The Whale. Shore said that Fraser became the character. “That’s what a good actor does. He’s not doing a caricature of—he didn’t do a caricature of either of the roles. That’s why he was so good in Encino Man,” Shore said.

“That’s why the comedy popped off him and why the story worked, because he locks into these characters,” he said.. “I know Ben Stiller auditioned [for Fraser’s part in Encino Man], and a lot of people were wanting to play that role, but you need a real actor to play a caveman so it doesn’t look stupid.”