‘Pawn Stars’: An Antique Powder Holder Could Have an Explosive Price

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit mj0007 via Getty Images

Pawn Stars fans know that the guys at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop pay good money for antique firearms. They’ve watched the guys buy Civil War-era guns, pistols owned by western legends, and more. One seller brought in an antique powder horn in hopes that they’d be willing to part with a good chunk of change for a classic firearm accessory.

Before modern guns and cartridges became the norm, all firearms used black powder. As a result, hunters, soldiers, and everyone else with a pistol or long gun needed a way to store their black powder. Horns were the perfect solution. They’re waterproof and sturdy. At the same time, horns are shaped perfectly to deliver powder easily. Today, collectors love antique powder horns, especially those with ornate carvings.

In season 8 of Pawn Stars, a repeat customer named KJ brought in a great example of an antique powder horn. He told Corey and The Old Man that he bought the horn at an estate sale along with a Civil War-era jacket. The horn’s original owner carved it with eagles and stars. This motif, The Old Man said, was consistent with America’s Federalist Party which dissolved in the early 1800s. This, plus the patina on the horn let them know that they had something special on their hands.

KJ Hopes to Get an Explosive Payday on Pawn Stars

In a cutaway, KJ tells the Pawn Stars audience that he hopes to get $4000 out of the horn. However, he admits that he’ll go as low as $2000. When he told the Harrisons what he wanted out of the horn, The Old Man let him know upfront, “I ain’t payin’ four thousand for it.”

In another cutaway, Corey shared some insight on powder horns with the Pawn Stars audience. He said that he’s seen these items sell for tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, he’s also seen them go for “chump change,” so he wanted to be cautious. As a result, he offered KJ $1,200. This lowball offer made the seller cringe. There was no way he was going that low on the piece.

KJ pointed out that the horn was expertly carved and asked for three grand. Corey told him bluntly that if it weren’t for the ornate artwork, he would have offered him something closer to $40. Then, Corey came back with a $1,500 counteroffer. He added that he couldn’t go any higher. KJ was disappointed that he couldn’t get a better price and decided to keep the horn.

What happens next might come as a surprise to some Pawn Stars fans. As KJ is walking out of the shop, Corey calls out to him. “Sixteen hundred,” he yelled across the store. This was enough to stop KJ in his tracks. They shook on it and the seller walked away a little richer.