‘Pawn Stars’: An Autograph from a Classic Horror Film Was a Piece of Cinematic History

by Clayton Edwards

Over the years Pawn Stars fans have watched some interesting items walk into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Sometimes, sellers have pieces of entertainment memorabilia that they think will bring them a big payday. As a result, Rick and the guys get to see instruments played by iconic rockers or jewelry owned by other icons. At the same time, autographs can go for a fortune if they’re from the right person and time period. One seller combined the two and brought in a signed prop from a classic horror film hoping to walk away with a healthy chunk of change.

Back in season eight of Pawn Stars, a customer named Mark came in with an iconic piece of horror movie history. He had a production-used shower curtain from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic Psycho. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Anthony Perkins, who played Norman Bates in the film, signed the shower curtain.

This is a big deal for a couple of reasons. First, Psycho was a massively influential film. It pushed boundaries and changed the face of cinema forever. Also, the most iconic scene in the movie is when Perkins’ character kills Marion Crane, portrayed by Janet Leigh, in the shower. As a result, this curtain would be a great find for serious horror fans, lovers of Hitchcock’s work, or movie buffs.

People who watch Pawn Stars often know that Chumlee is usually clueless. This item is no different. However, Rick knew exactly how cool the shower curtain was. As a result, when mark told him he wanted $400 for the item, Rick didn’t balk. In fact, he said the price was reasonable. However, he wanted to be sure.

Calling an Expert Gets Scary for the Pawn Stars Crew

In a cutaway, Rick laughingly told the Pawn Stars audience that he didn’t want to get “butchered” on the sale. With that in mind, he called Steve Grad into the shop to authenticate the item.

Steve was shocked by the signed shower curtain. He said that Anthony Perkins rarely signed things. So, to see a signed shower curtain from Psycho seemed “far-fetched” to him. After looking over the signature and comparing it to an authentic example Steve said, there was “no question” that it was legit. He went on to say that it was one of the coolest pieces to ever be featured on Pawn Stars.

Then, things got a little scarier for Rick and the Pawn Stars crew. Steve explained that Perkins-signed photos go for between $300 and $400, vintage items go for up to $600. The shower curtain, though, was something altogether different. He valued it between $800 and $1000.

In the end, Mark took $500 for the shower curtain. It was much less than what it was worth but still more than he expected to get.