‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee’s ‘Album Drops Soon’ As He Dons a Slipknot Shirt

by Jonathan Howard

The stars of Pawn Stars each have their own style. None of them have a unique look like Chumlee, who has an affinity for nice jewelry. Chumlee is always trying to put on his best look whenever possible. That was on full display in a recent Instagram post.

While Chumlee has a bad record with spotting fake Rolex watches, he likes to throw on his jewelry when possible. He has also lost a lot of weight in recent months and looks like he feels good about himself.

“My album drops soon,” the caption read with the picture credit given to @aceofla. He looks like a retired rock star in his picture. The Slipknot t-shirt along with the watch and pearls around his other wrist is great. The sunglasses look to be slightly vintage. He has a thick gold chain and some more pearls around his neck. The tattoos are accented by the other details in the photo. He looks like a wiser, older Chumlee.

Since Pawn Stars began, Chumlee has been the young and loveable goofball for the most part. However, he isn’t so young anymore and has taken on new responsibilities with the show and the shop. It seems he isn’t the lowest one on the pecking order any longer. The way the others treat him on the show is different as well.

Over the years, watches have been a common item on Pawn Stars. Not just new modern wristwatches, but old pocket watches, too. Rick Harrison will do almost anything if he sees a piece that he wants in his collection.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison and An 1800s Pocket Watch

Historical pieces and items show up on Pawn Stars all the time. That is what a lot of people love about the show. Seeing items from the midcentury or from even older is always a treat. So when an 1800s pocket watch made its way into the story, Rick Harrison had to have it.

A Civil War-era watch with an engraving on it. This thing was special and the star of the show knew he wanted the piece. The engraving said “Saved my life,” as in this might have been a gift watch to a fellow soldier. Of course, Harrison got this item verified by an expert. He always makes sure to do the best due diligence that he can before buying an item.

Everything seemed to check out on the watch. That made Harrison even more interested. Better yet, this wasn’t a Rolex that Chumlee was going to try and wear out on the town. The engraving mentioned a battle of Cross Keys. While it wasn’t a major battle, it did occur and made the item even more authentic to the expert. The woman originally paid $20 for the watch. When she was done negotiating with the Pawn Stars’ own Rick Harrison, she made out with $1,300.